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Lamon Archey Bio, Wife, Married, Net Worth, Measurements, Family, Nationality

If you are a fan of Days of Our Lives airing on NBC, the name Lamon Archey should be familiar to you.  The handsome guy plays the character Eli Grant in this soap opera. He is also popular for his modeling career as well as his role as Mason Wilder on The Young and Restless. As a result of his career in modeling and acting, Lamon Archey’s salary, as well as his net worth, is remarkable. Get to know more about his life beginning with details of Lamon Archey’s wife and children in this informing piece that also tackles his age, tattoos, weight, height, and bio.

Lamon Archey Married to Wife. Meet His Children

Given Archey’s impressive looks, it does not come as a surprise why you are interested in unveiling Lamon Archey’s wife or his marital status to be precise. Well, the hunky model and actor are married. Based on the photos on his social media pages you can easily tell who the lucky woman in his life is. Still unable to know this details? Okay, Lamon Archey’s wife is the beautiful Mercedes Cornett.

There is no solid information about how the two met and how they ended up being together. We, however, know for a fact that the duo exchanged vows at a colorful wedding ceremony eight years ago. For the record, Lamon Archey’s wife also has a profession in the acting industry.  She appeared in some movies including Catch Me If You Can. As of now, it is not known which movie or series she is featuring in.

Image of Lamon Archey with his wife Mercedes Cornett and their kids

Lamon Archey with his wife, Mercedes Cornett, and their kids

Lamon Archey’s wife has blessed his husband with the gift of two children. Their first child Caden was born on 9th July 2009. Two years after their marriage, Mercedes Cornett again showered her husband with another child, but this time it was a baby girl named Gaia. She was born on the 29th day of May 2012. The celebrity before marrying his wife had a relationship with a girl whose identity is not known. Together they had a son named Machiah who was born in September 2002. Based on the brief relationship updates of the actor, it is obvious that he is not gay.

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Lamon Archey Net Worth and Salary

A popular TV series, show or movie cannot pay its cast members anything less right? With this in mind you are almost certain that Lamon Archey salaries are enormous but what you are not certain about is the actual earnings of the gentleman. According to the latest findings, there is nothing as difficult as wanting to know this detail about the star. This is because he rarely talks about his earnings publicly. What should this mean?

It means that as of now, Lamon Archey’s salary is yet to be known to the public. There is however very minimal details about his earnings. The minimal detail about Lamon Archey’s salary is that it largely emanates from his acting career.

If you were keen from the beginning of the article, you must have noticed the mention of Lamon Archey’s net worth being enormous. Not that this is false. This is very true, and it can be proven by two things. The first thing proving Lamon Archey’s net worth as huge is his enormous income. Secondly, the tattoos on his bodies are worth thousands of dollars.

Image of Model, Lamon Archey net worth is $6 million

Days of Our Lives actor, Lamon Archey net worth is $6 million

You must now be interested in unveiling the real figure of this detail. Well, Lamon Archey’s net worth as reported by Net Worth Post is currently at $6 million. The salaries of celebrities more so notable celebrities are not static. They are bound to change within months or years. Therefore, keep it here for any updates on Lamon Archey’s salary.

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How old is Lamon Archey? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Given his looks, you will be shocked to learn that the actor is fast approaching the age of 40.  Next year, 2019, which is a few weeks away, Lamon Archey age will be 38. This is because he was born on the 9th day of April 1981 in San Mateo earthed in California. Guys will agree with me that it’s about time that the gentleman shares the secret of maintaining that dope look while still approaching 40.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Tattoo

The gentleman stands on a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. He is yet to give details concerning his weight. As for the body measurements, he has a waistline of 32 inches, sleeves of 35 inches and an inseam of 34 inches. His tattoos are among the things that one cannot fail to recognize by watching him.

He has a total of 12 tattoos which prove that Lamon Archey’s net worth is indeed $6 million. Most of his tattoos contain meaningless writings apart from one which contains the name of his daughter. This shows how much the man loves his daughter and that does not mean he hates his sons.

Image of Model, Lamon Archey Tattoo

Model, Lamon Archey Tattoo

Wiki, Bio, Nationality

Lamon Archey is an American by nationality categorizing in the African American ethnicity. There are very minimal details about his family. His father whose name is not given died while the star was only 20 years. The name of his mother is not known, but we know he did not raise him. The actor was raised by his grandparents but still devotes time to see his mother.

It is not known whether he has any siblings. Before becoming an actor and model, the father of three worked as a carpenter for nearly two years. Besides his career, he enjoys playing baseball as well as football during his free time.

Quick Facts about Lamon Archey

Name Lamon Archey
Age 37
Birthdate April 9, 1981
Birthplace San Mateo, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Career Acting
Salary Not Known
Net worth $6 million
Wife Mercedes Cornett
Children 3
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight Not Known
Tattoos 12

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