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Lizzy Musi Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio of Kye Kelly Girlfriend

Lizzy Mussi Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio Kye Kelly Girlfriend

There is word going around about the relationship between Kye Kelley and new girlfriend Lizzy Musi nowadays.  For sports fanatics out there, especially racing fans, this is a well-known fact.  In this review, you will read more about Lizzy Musi’s net worth, career progression, her boyfriend,  wiki bio as well as her future plans.

Kye Kelley’s new girlfriend is an influential personality and an outstanding drag racer. She is currently in a relationship with Kye Kelley,  who is a renowned car race driver. If you have been watching Street Outlaws,  then you must know a thing or two about him.

Lizzy Musi net worth, salary per episode from the show

Lizzy Musi was born in a family of superstars.  Her entire family is in the business of engines.  At the moment, she is an avid drag racer. She became famous in 2014 when she won the PDRA’s race.  She was the first woman to have ever broken 200MPH in 8th pro mod racing.

Lizzy Musi Net Worth salary income source

Caption:- Lizzy Musi’s Net Worth is $500 Thousand.

Her passion in sports has made her a lot of money and increased her fortune significantly. Currently, her net worth stands at $500k. For someone like Musi,  her dedication and commitment to sports, her net worth is definitely worth it.

Lizzy Musi is Kye Kelley’s new girlfriend after divorce with ex-wife Ali

If you want to know if Lizzy Musi is married as her boyfriend was sometime back, the answer is no.  There is no information about her previous affairs or relationships,  and there is no record of previous marriages either.

Kye Kelley was married to Alisa Mote before meeting Lizzy Musi. The former dated with his ex-wife for many years before they wedded. The couple was blessed with a daughter known as Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley.  In addition to that, Kelly also sired another woman from a previous relationship. Their marriage did not last, and the two divorced eventually.

Kye Kelly's New Girlfriend Lizzy Mussi

CAption:- Kye Kelly’s New Girlfriend Lizzy Musi.

After his divorce,  there were discussions about romance in the drag racing circles. The characteristics in question are Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley. In fact, Lizzy was seen handling Kelley’s engine through a Facebook post.

After several months of speculations,  Kelley finally posted on his Facebook account that he is indeed dating Lizzy Musi. When he was undergoing a surgical procedure recently, Musi asked her fans on her Instagram account to pray for his boyfriend’s recovery.

Kye Kelley New Girlfriend Lizzy Musi career

Lizz followed her father’s footstep- Pat Musi. She joined the world of drag racing. While growing up, the show was a big part of her life since her father was a professional drag racer as well. He is also an engine mechanic. After becoming a professional drag racer, she became a force to reckon with in the field of racing.

Lizzy Musi career wiki bio

Caption:- Lizzy Musi is the first woman to win the 2014’s PDRA, where she also broke the 200MPH in 8th mile Pro Mod Racing.

Pat Musi started to compete in drag racing a few years after opening his racing shop. Thereafter, he built his career winning eight straight championships and winning in other classes as well such as Pro Modified and Pro Stock.

For Kye Kelley girlfriend Lizzy Musi, she won her first tournament in the inaugural Professional Drag Racers Association in the US as well as Drags at the VMP in Virginia, which was the fifth race, at the early stages of her career. She became the first woman to win the 2014’s PDRA, where she broke the 200MPH in 8th mile Pro Mod Racing. In the recent past, she won the Pro Modified Drag Racing division in the Middle East.

Lizzy Musi Wiki bio

Lizzy Musi smiling in racing track

Caption:- Lizzy Musi is currently 27 Years old.

Lizzy Musi is a famous drag racer who was introduced into the industry by her father Pat Musi, who is an engine builder and a former professional drag racer. Music was born on 1st January 1991, in New Jersey, US. She is 27 years old.

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