Mario Batali’s Wife: Susi Cahn Wiki-Bio, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Father Miles Cahn.

People say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, no one mentioned anything about what to do when that man can cook or rather when he is a professional chef. Meet Susi Cahn, the wife of worldwide renown chef Mario Batali. They have been married for over 23 years. Read on if you want to get more facts about her origins, net worth, family, and kids. Also stick around for the inside scoop on her husband’s sexual harassment accusations.

Susi Cahn Net Worth, Career

She may not be as famous as her husband especially after the recent scandals that put him in the spotlight. However, she is just as rich in her name. Susi Cahn’s net worth is currently unknown. Most of her net worth comes from her family business.

Her father and mother, Miles and Lilian Cahn were the co-founders of Coach Inc. in 1961. Being a businessman, Miles was more inclined to the Leather aspects of the company. On the other hand, Lilian incorporated fashion and luxury into the business by plowing in handbags and other accessories.

She currently manages the Mario Batali Foundation which is a non-profit organization founded for humanitarian purposes. Speaking of her husband, here’s a fun fact about him. Mario Batali’s net worth is currently estimated to fall under $25 million. Most come from his career as a chef and running multiple restaurants. Other sources include his work as an author. Mind you; they aren’t just any writings. They are mostly cookbooks with tons of recipes to warm your belly in this modern day age.

Susi Cahn Married Life with husband Mario Batali

As already mentioned before, the couple got married 23 years ago. The story of how they met at a food event in New York with her family is funnier when he narrates it. It wasn’t long after that that they got married in the Caribbean in 1994. Unlike most cliché weddings, their celebration had buckets and tubs of ice-cream sandwiches instead of the usual cream-filled cake. Talk about a cold reception. They are still going on strong, and just recently, they vacationed in Paris for their anniversary.

Image of Susi Chan with her husband Mario bataile

Susi Chan with her husband, Mario Batali

Last year, her husband became the heading of many tabloids and articles after he got accused of sexual misconduct. He was involved in a groping incident with his female restaurant workers to which he genuinely apologized in a statement to the press. On the other hand, Susi distanced herself from this scandal with no comments.

You can read more about his statement here.

Susi Cahn Children

The dynamic duo brought forth two kids into this world. They go by the names Benno and Leo. Benno is the older brother roughly at the age of 21 and currently learning at the University of Michigan. His younger brother just turned 18 the other day. Together, they have grown into liking their father’s tastes and even released their very own Batali Brother’s Cookbook in May of 2013.

Beautiful family picture of Susi Chan with her husband and children

Susi Chan with her husband and two sons

Nevertheless, here’s another fun fact for you. Unlike the rest of the family, their mother Susi doesn’t like cooking. The only thing she whips up is her husband’s birthday cake once every year. Otherwise, the kitchen is his territory.

Susi Cahn father, Miles Cahn

The humanitarian’s father, Miles Cahn was a famous business mogul. You may be wondering why he was, and not why he’s not currently. That’s because he is no longer with us. He passed away last year in New York at the age of 95. May his soul rest in peace.

A recap of his bio, the businessman, was born to Jewish refugee parents on April 18th, 1921. They had fled from Russia during the Russian Revolution and settled in America. As you already know, he became the prime founder of Coach Inc.

In 1985, they came up with a mutual decision with his wife to sell the company at $30 million. All in an attempt to secure more time to focus on their new business, The Coach farm. It’s a goat farm known for its cheese production founded in 1983. Mr. Cahn lost his wife who was at age 89 in March 2013.

Susi Cahn Wiki-bio, Age, Birthdate

Name Susi Cahn
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession Businesswoman
Net worth Under review
Husband Mario Batali
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Body measurements Undisclosed

When it comes to her biography, there isn’t much to disclose since she has kept her entire life a secret. Unlike her husband who is quite open, not much is known about Susi’s birthdate, place or even age. The same goes for her early life and education. The only thing we know about her is that she has two siblings; a sister Julie and a brother David.

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