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Mark Ramsey from ‘’Moonshiners’’ net worth, Wiki, Bio, Wife of Digger Manes Buddy.

Mark Ramsey from ‘’Moonshiners’’ net worth, Wiki, Bio, Wife

Mark Ramsey is well known for his role as a moonshiner in the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Moonshiners.  The reality TV series is currently running on its 7th season owing its success to the cast and the narrator Jeremy Schwartz. Besides taking up a role in the show, Mark is one of the most popular moonshine brewers in the United States of America so right now find out about his net worth, wiki, bio, and wife.


At an early age, Mark had learned the business of brewing moonshine. This was made possible by the years he spent while growing up in the woods of East Tenn, United States of America. Through these years he shadowed a local moonshine expert who taught him the art of brewing moonshine through hand on experience.

Mark Ramsey from Moonshiners started his career in moonshine brewing as a skill builder for the late world-renowned moonshiner, Popcorn Sutton who passed away on 16th March 2009 in Parrottsville, Carolina. He currently works with Digger Manes, a fellow moonshiner and distilling partner.

Mark Ramsey carrer wiki bio
Caption:- Mark Ramsey work as skill builder in Moonshiner.

Mark made a collaboration with the brewery Sugarland’s Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Through this collaboration, he can experiment with new creative flavors for moonshine while retaining the traditional formula.

Both Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes have used innovative techniques to come up with their unique products. Currently, he uses a new two-pot still to make their latest product, Blended Apple Rye Brandy.

In an interview, Manes states,

‘’I never thought I would be in a television show doing illegal moonshine in the land of Cocke county.’’

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes grew up brewing moonshine, and their relation to the late Popcorn Sutton landed them significant roles on the television show, Moonshiners. They began filming in late April.

Mark Ramsey from ‘’Moonshiners’’ age wiki bio body measurement

Further into the interview, Ramsey states,

‘’it’s authentic, what we do, we can’t permit ourselves to be found by the law because it is very much against the law.’’

He explains this about the repeated requests by the authority to the show-runners to display a disclaimer before every episode, states the dramatization of moonshine brewing and does not depict reality presented in the show.

He adds,

‘’the fact of the matter is when it’s on television, it’s already done. If police aren’t involved in the recording process, they can’t use that against us because they don’t know that’s liquor coming out of the still.’’

Keep reading to find out his real net worth.

Moonshiners Mark Ramsey Net worth, Salary

Mark has made quite some appearances on the show. Over the years, Mark Ramsey has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated at $300,000.  His success is from the profits he has made as a TV personality. Details on his annual salary remain undisclosed.

Part of Mark Ramsey net worth is responsible for the assets he owns, but a significant portion comes from the income he earns in the show, Moonshiners.

Mark Ramsey from ‘’Moonshiners’’ net worth
Caption:- Mark Ramsey from ‘’Moonshiners’’ has Net Worth of $300 Thousand.

Mark Ramsey Wife & Kids

Mark Ramsey has mastered the art of concealing his personal life from the media.

He most definitely is married, given that he has been spotted side by side with his wife at the popcorn Sutton 3rd Annual and other moonshine related events on numerous occasions.

However, the name of Mark Ramsey wife is not yet known publically. Like his wife, details on the children that the pair share is not available to the public.

Moonshiners Mark Ramsey Wiki-bio

Details on Mark’s place of birth and date of birth are still under review hence no information is available currently on his wiki and bio.

He likes to keep a private life which would define the reason for the missing wiki information on his bio.

Furthermore, not only has Mark hidden his wife and kids from the spotlight but also his parents thus information on them is currently unavailable.

Hope you like the article about Moonshiner’s Mark Ramsey’s Net Worth and Wife in Wiki type biography.

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