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Mary Beth Evans is one of the popular names of America’s top actresses. If Days of our Lives is your thing, you know her as she plays the role, Kayla Brady. Not much of her personal and professional life is out there in public. This article, however, seeks to make some aspects in her life known. In the line of her profession, for instance, the article will handle Mary Beth Evans’ net worth as well as her salary. Concerning her personal life, you will get to understand aspects such as her age, weight, height, family, and siblings. Before then, let first unveil Mary Beth Evans’ husband.

Mary Beth Evans Married to Husband, Michael Schwartz. Meet her Children.

If you look at her closely, you will always notice a marriage ring on her finger. This is a clear depiction that the queen is married. What is however worrying is the identity of Mary Beth Evans’ husband. If you are among the fans who have been worried about discovering this information, keep reading below. This is because the articles reveal who the man is and how the two met. Mary Beth Evans’ husband identifies as Michael Schwartz. Although it is unclear where and how the duo met, 1984 is the year that the two came to know of each other.

They fell in love and dated for one year as their colorful wedding was held in 1985. If you are looking for couple goals, the two are a perfect example for exactly that! Attributing to this is their marriage which is over three decades now and still going strong. Mary Beth Evans’ husband has been blessed with three children who are now grownups by the celebrity. Daniel Luke, Katherine Elizabeth, and Matthew Joseph are the three children born of the couples.

Image of Mary Beth Evans with her husband Michael Schwartz

Mary Beth Evans with her husband, Michael Schwartz

Professionally, Mary Beth Evans’ husband is a doctor. To be precise, he is a cosmetic surgeon, but detail about where he works is yet to be given to the public. Before meeting and marrying Dr. Michael Schwartz, the queen had other affairs in her life. One of the guys who were close to being Mary Beth Evans’ husband was an actor by the name Stephen Nicholas.

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Mary Beth Evans Net Worth and Salary

Mary Beth Evans, TV personality is not just an actress but a famous actress. With one’s fame comes one’s increase in their income. Therefore, even before you know the exact details of Mary Beth Evans’ net worth, you should keep in mind that she pockets a large salary. This can be seen by the car she drives and the extravagant life she is living. Having said this, you now must be eager to know Mary Beth Evans’ salary but not so fast.

The queen officially began her career in 1983. Here, she only earned her salary through television shows. As time progressed, popular films recognized her and she was recruited to be among them. With the new recruitment, Mary Beth Evans’ net worth improved because her earnings also improved tremendously.

She, therefore, remains indebted to her acting career because maybe if not for this career, she could not be enjoying the comfortable life and fame she is enjoying. So how much net worth does she pocket in 2018. According to the Net worth Post, Mary Beth Evans’ net worth is an estimated $200,000. Her salary remains hidden. More lights will, however, be shed on both her net worth as well as her salary.

Image of Actor, Mary Beth Evans net worth is $200,000

Mary Beth Evans from Days of Our Lives net worth is $200,000

Besides acting which has seen her being a judge on a reality television show, the queen has a career in production. Do you remember the famous web series The Bay? Well, the actress was the producer of this series. She is also a blogger, entrepreneur, and columnist. You now understand why Mary Beth Evans’ net worth is colossal. Important to note is that one of the things she celebrates in her life is her nomination for various awards where she won several. The several wins not only made her popular but also increased Mary Beth Evans’ salary. This is a perfect indication of what hard work can do to a person.

How old is Mary Beth Evans? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

The mother of three is not anything close to young. She was born on the 7th day of March 1961 in Pasadena rooted in California in the USA. If you are good at mathematics, you understand that presently, Mary Beth Evans’ age is 57. In as much as she does not young, her looks are contrary to persons with similar ages. It could be that she is eating healthy or using her salary to maintain better her appearance since she is a known star.

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Body Measurements: Height and Weight

The full body measurements of the queen are yet to be availed to the public. The case is no different from her weight. These details will, however, be updated before you even know. About her height, these details are known. The queen enjoys a cute height of 5 feet and 4 inches.

Is Mary Beth Evans leaving Days of Our Lives? Mary Beth Evans Cancer Updates

No, she is not leaving the days of our lives soap opera. About her cancer updates, the lady did not say she is diagnosed with cancer. She, however, stated that the two spots on her upper lip in a photo she uploaded on Instagram could be a possible sign of cancer. She blames this on her sunburn she received while at South Carolina and ignored hence advises her fans to be very attentive to their body.

Wiki, Bio, Sister

The actress is an American by nationality and categorizes in the white ethnicity. There is very limited information about her family, early childhood and education. The little-known details about the queen are that she has one elder brother and two elder sisters.  Yes, she is the youngest daughter and child of her parents. Neither are the details about her parents revealed nor the details about her three older siblings. Perhaps she prefers to keep her life secret to avoid any rumors and misleading information.

Quick Facts about Mary Beth Evans

Name Mary Beth Evans
Age 57
Birthdate March 7, 1961
Birthplace Pasadena, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Acting, TV producer, Entrepreneur
Salary Not Known
Net Worth $200,000
Husband Dr. Michael Schwartz married in 1985
Children 3
Weight Not Known
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Body measurements Not Known

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