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Maura West Husband, Married, Divorce, Children, Net Worth, Age, and Salary.

Image of Maura West is Married to Her Husband and Have Children? Know About her Net Worth, Age, and Salary

Maura Jo Snyder popularly known as Maura West DeFreitas was born on 27th April 1972 in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. She is the last born in her family, and she went to Boston University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Maura is a renowned American actress.

Maura West General Hospital

The good news about Maura West joining General Hospital was given in April 2013, but her role remained concealed. News about her being part of GH cast was confirmed on 24th April 2013. She played the role of Ava Jerome, and her first appearance was on May 8. She gave that role her all, and consequently, she was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award – Outstanding Lead Actress in 2015’s Drama Series. Maura won that award on April 26, 2015.

Is Maura West leaving General Hospital? What is she doing now?

There were rumors about Maura West leaving General Hospital, but they were unsubstantiated. It was purported that her character Ava Jerome was ending and she was leaving the show. It was after Jerome was diagnosed with cancer, fell off a bridge, and she was shot. Afterward, she was not seen on the show for some weeks – which led to that speculation.

To add salt to the injury, she tweeted and said that,

“Most excellent GH fans: Thanks for watching with me, hanging out and playing. Let’s do it again someday! Much love, Maura.”

That tweet was wrongly interpreted by most fans owing to what had happened to her previously in the show. General Hospital fans thought that she was bidding them goodbye. However, CDL confirmed that she is still around and she will continue being in the show. Those are good news because her fans can’t imagine the show continuing without her.

Maura West Relationship Status: Married to Husband and Children

Maura has passed through social challenges, and she is a victim of divorce. She was first married to Maura West husband Jonathan Knight (a director by then) from 1995 to 1999. They sired one child together called Benjamin Crawford West Knight in 1996. After their divorce, Maura married her second husband Scott DeFreitas who is a former co-star in As the World Turns. The duo tied the knot on January 22, 2000, and they have been together until now. Surprisingly, Scott proposed to her in a unique way over the scoreboard in the Yankee Stadium.

Image of Maura West with her husband Scott DeFreitas
Maura West with her husband, Scott DeFreitas

She loved the way he proposed, and she accepted. Together, they have 4 Maura West children Joseph, Katherine, Basil, and Birdie. Joseph was born during a TV show dubbed A Baby Story in 1999. She knows how to play her game safely by living a conserved life without revealing too much about herself.

Furthermore, Maura is not involved in any affairs that could tarnish her reputation. She has been careful in her second marriage to avoid the psychological torture, stress, emotional blackmail, and heartache that comes from a broken marriage. She seems comfortable, contented, and satisfied with her current marriage and she is not followed by scandals.

Maura West Net Worth, Age, Salary, and TV career

Maura West net worth is not known but word on the street has it that she could be worth $4 million. She keeps a lot to herself, and likewise, to her net worth, Maura West salary cannot be made up. So far, she receives a salary of $600,000 from General Hospital.

Image of Maura West net worth is $4 million
Maura West net worth is $4 million

People just know the obvious about her but what is beyond the public domain remains hidden. Maura West age is 46 years, and she has been acting for many years. Moreover, she is not an on and off personality; she has stuck to acting consistently. She debuted in 1995 in the As the World Returns, and she has never left this show until now.

Furthermore, she has also cast the infamous series dubbed The Young and the Restless but for just a short time. Eventually, she joined the ABC’s General Hospital since 2013. Other than casting Maura West TV shows and series, she also cast a film in 2014 dubbed Come Back to Me.

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