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Meet Chico from Moonshiners and his wife Sandra. Know his net worth & salary

Meet Chico from Moonshiners wife Sandra Know net worth & salary

Chico is well known for his role as a moonshiner in the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Moonshiners. The television series premiered in 2012. Moonshiners dramatize to its massive fan following the lives of individuals who produce moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. He may seem like a simple laid back guy, but Chico from Moonshiners net worth and salary will surprise you. Something else that may surprise you is his wife Sandar aka Cassandra and their married life.

Chico from Moonshiners is married to wife Sandra

Chico was born on 2nd April 1945 in Gravel Switch city, Kentucky. Not only does he feature as a cast member in Moonshiners, but also doubles up as a voice actor. Currently, he is married to wife Sandra, short for Cassandra.

Like Chico from Moonshiners, his wife Sandra often known as Cassandra is also a co-actor in Moonshiners where she got introduced as a moonshiner. Sandra does her best to assist her husband in carrying out his role in the television series.

It looks like Sandra married into her husband’s trade automatically after being his wife.

Meet Chico family picture
Caption:- Meet Chico from Moonshiners with wife Sandra and daughters

Sandra celebrates her birthday on 30th May every year. Chico and the wife are parents to two daughters, Alena who is currently recovering from wounds she got from a bike accident and a second daughter whose details remain undisclosed.

Chico from Moonshiners has taken to social media on several occasions to express his warm regards, stating that his most significant accomplishment is the support he receives from his family members.

Meet Chico wife Sandra
Caption:- Chico loves his wife Sandra and his family.

Chico from Moonshiners Net worth, Salary, Career

In 2011, Chico made an appearance in Moonshiners. He took up a critical role in the show, brewing, and slinging shine. His performance as a professional moonshine maker has garnered him appreciation from both the show’s huge fan following and the show’s cast and a television crew.

In general, the net worth of the Moonshiners’ cast is estimated to be just over $10 million. The show’s net worth has however increased tremendously over the years and is set to grow even further.

So that means his salary has also improved, but we are unsure of what his exact wage is. Looking at his 10 million dollars net worth, however, we can guess that it is also probably a seven-digit sum a year.Chico Net worth

Caption:- Moonshiners cast Chico has a Net Worth of $5 Million.

Over the years, Chico from Moonshiners net worth is approximately $5 million. A significant portion of Chico income comes from his role in Moonshiners.

Moreover, Chico has invested in real estate through the full view of his balance sheet remains unavailable. When he is not brewing moonshine, he is raising and racing traditional trotter horses in Kentucky.

Their tattoos

People keep asking questions about Chico and Sandra’s tattoos. Other than Sandra’s tattoo on her little finger resembling her maiden name, more information on their symbols is unavailable.

Chico from Moonshiners had trouble with the law

Despite the moonshine industry being amazingly lucrative, it has its fair share of run-ins with the law. Like Popcorn Sutton, a cast member of Moonshiners, Chico has had issues with the code for something else other than illegal moonshining.

Moonshiners cast
Caption:- Chico and his team ( Moonshiners cast)

In 2015, he was allegedly arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Knott County. The official report states that Chico drove his vehicle into a crowd. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

After the incident, an officer on the case made him take a field sobriety test. It was not a surprise to anyone that he failed the test.

Regardless of the fact that no one was hurt, the officer ordered him to appear in court since he should not have been driving in his state.

With the help of his attorney, Chico was able to avoid any jail time. Instead, he walked away with just a fine and court costs.

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