Meet Franklin Graham Wife Jane Austin Cunningham. Know his net worth & Kids.

Franklin Graham is one of the most paid pastors in the world. Graham is an American missionary and an evangelist whom many people know as the man of God, and his contribution towards Christianity. However, many people get shocked when they hear his net worth and salary. Also, there have been a lot of questions about his riches and also made some noise during the Iraq invasion and the recent past, his comments about Donald Trump being the best candidate and God have chosen him to lead the US.

However, in this review, our area of focus is his personal life including wife, children, and girlfriend: you are going to learn a lot about his personal life.

Franklin Graham Married to Wife Jane Austin Cunningham.

Franklin is married to his beautiful wife Jane Austin Cunningham.

Together, they have 4 children.  His firstborn son is called William Franklin “Will” Graham IV. He was born in 1975. The second born is Roy Austin Graham, who was born in 1977.

The third born Edward Bell Graham was born in 1979. The couple also has a daughter Jane Austin Graham, born in 1986. She is married to Corey Lynch, who is a former National Football League Safety Graham and his wife have grandkids as well.

They are 11 in total, and that is a blessing. Jane, Franklin Graham’s wife, has been an avid support of his evangelism and missionary missions throughout his life.

Happy Family Picture: Franklin Graham spending time with his whole family

Franklin Graham with his wife Jane Austin Graham and four children

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What is Franklin Graham’s net worth?His salary Details?

There are many rumors about Graham’s salary. It is said he makes an annual figure of $880k and that is a lot of money for a missionary.  Franklin Graham is the son of the famous evangelist, Billy Graham. Also, there were rumors he makes money from the Samaritan’s Purse charity organization too.

Franklin Graham net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars. Also, the word is going around that Billy and Franklin own many properties in the name of a charity organization, and this only makes them less rich on paper.

Franklin Grahams' net worth is huge

Franklin Grahams’ net worth is huge

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Graham started his Christianity services at a tender age. At 22, he was a devoted Christian and he said he will dedicate his life as a missionary. He has since then become a successful evangelist and missionary.

His dad’s name also helped his scope. He was mentored by members of his father’s team. These men have worked with Billy and they have always wanted to affect the lives of people in the society positively, and honestly speaking, they have done a pretty job.

Franklin Grahams donating goods to children

Franklin Grahams donating stuff to children

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There was a lot of information gathered in 2013 that said Franklin Graham was one of the highest paid employees at the Samaritan Purse. He has always been on different controversial stories.

He was quoted saying the Islam religion is evil and wicked. He also caused a stir when he preached at the Good Friday in Pentagon

Franklin Graham has always been an activist against Islam and this is evident from the many interviews and reports he has been on in the past. In an interview with a CNN reported, Graham admittedly said that Islam is a wicked and evil religion.

Short Bio

Franklin Graham was born in North Carolina. His father and mother are Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Franklin respectively. He is the fourth born of the five children.

He attended the Stony Brook, which is a Christian private school located on Long Island. He attended his high school from North Carolina. Even at a tender age, Graham was drawn towards Christianity

 Wiki bio

Name Franklin Graham
Ethnicity American
Profession Evangelist and Missionary
Wife Jane Austin Cunningham
Children 4
Grandchildren 11
Salary $880,000
Net worth 3 million dollars

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