Michael Easton Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, and Wiki.

Michael Easton is a renowned American poet, photographer, TV actor, and author. He is distinguishably known for his roles in diverse shows and series that he has acted.

Is Michael Easton leaving General Hospital? What is he doing now?

Reports about Michael Easton leaving General Hospital were given by him on his Facebook page. He finalized his role on 31st July when his character (Silas Clay) was murdered. According to Daytime Confidential, Easton has already taped his final episode. He was co-opted into General Hospital from One Life to Live, along with some other two casts. If those are credible reports to go by, then he will no longer be in the General Hospital cast.

Currently, he is directing short films and writing graphic novels. However, his last air date is yet to be established. After that, he will shift gears to another show or pursue his endeavors in another field. Apart from GH, Easton has also acted in other series and shows since his debut in 1991. He has been in both infamous and other common shows and series. Moreover, he is a full-time actor, and he has been consistent all through.

Michael Easton Married to wife, Ginevra Arabia and Children

Before Easton got married, he took his time to familiarize and enjoy himself. Michael Easton wife is called Ginevra Arabia, but they dated for sometime before they decided to tie the knot and settle down. They got married in 2004, and they have been together all along without any unusual hiccups. Contrary to many celebrity couples who are well known for divorces, the Easton have stuck together consistently.

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Image of Michael Easton with his wife and daughter

Michael Easton with his wife, Ginevra Arabia, and daughter

He is not followed up and down by scandals of cheating, likewise to his wife. They have retained the sanctity of marriage by being faithful to one another. They are the parents of Jack Boru Easton born on September 7, 2013, and Michael Easton daughter – Lilah Bell Easton born on April 15, 2011. He is an exemplary father to Michael Easton children and husband, unlike most celebrity couples. He has concentrated on his career – to develop it and consequently make money.

Michael Easton Net Worth, Age, Salary, and TV career

Michael Easton net worth is estimated to be $4 million – which is attributed to his acting career. He has been very hard working ever since his debut, and he has also been consistent. Currently, Michael Easton age is 51 years old, and he is still fine, and he looks youthful. His salary is not known, but apparently, he earns quite a good amount: owing to his net worth.

Image of Michael Easton net worth is $4 million

Michael Easton net worth is $4 million

He debuted his acting career in 1991, and he has played many roles in diverse TV series and shows. Some of the renowned shows and series that he has cast include General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, not to mention Port Charles. Of late, he has produced his movie, and he is engaging in writing. He also wants to become a writer, and that is why he is planning to exit General Hospital. Also, he has also been directing short films – which shows that he has been moving from one glory to another throughout his acting career.

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Michael Easton Wiki-bio, Family

Michael Easton was born on 15th February 1967 in Hertfordshire, U.K. He was born to Stewart Easton and Joan Easton, and his brother is called Keith Easton. Those are the members who comprise Michael Easton family. Michael was raised in Ireland, UK and also in the USA. Michael visited the University of California in Los Angeles, California, USA, and he majored in English and History. Easton also attended the University of New York in New York, USA. This is the short version of Michael Easton wiki.

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