Morgan Beasley Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Family, of this mountain men.

Morgan Beasley

A person used to luxury life, eating the food grown by some other people, drinking the drink brewed by other, can they survive in the wilderness? Well, the answer varies but not for Morgan Beasley.

Morgan Beasley is an American nomad who lives an off the grid lifestyle in mountain Terrian of Alaska. Morgan has trekked twice across formidable Alaska range. He has lived the life of Nomad for ten years before finally settling down in Alaska. He built himself a small portable home there. Morgan is a very adaptive person who has fit in the hard life of wilderness seamlessly. This talented person even grows his own food and hunts the animal for meat.

Despite a newbie to nature, Morgan Beasley is able to establish himself with the likes of naturalist and mountain men Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, Tom Oar, Rich Lewis and Jason hawk. Morgan has garnered huge fame after he joined other casts of reality TV series “Mountain Men” in its fourth season. His lifestyle has caught the attention of many and he is very loved by fans. We will bring more information about his family, wife, net worth in a wiki-like bio.

Morgan Beasley Net Worth

Morgan Beasley earns an impressive sum of money from the producer of series “Mountain Men”. He has an estimated net worth of $1M. Most of his net worth is accumulated from earning from the series. He along with biologist Margaret Stern hosts the visitors who come to explore the outdoors of Alaska.

Is Morgan Beasley married? What about his family?

Morgan bought 37 acres of land which he calls home before he joined the cast of series.He has lived a nomadic life for ten years, he is well capable of living alone fitting wilderness and cold of Alaska. His lifestyle has made us wonder if he is married or has someone to worry about him back home.

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Morgan hasn’t shared anything regarding his wife. He and his Texas-born botanist partner Margaret Stern are deeply involved with nature Tourism in Alaska via Apricity Alaska. However, the pair has nothing to say about their relationship, maybe they are a friend to each other.

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern
Caption: Morgan Beasley and Margret Stern
Photo Source: Apricity Alaska

By the looks of the situation, Morgan Beasley is yet to be married. As for the information on his parents and family, there is very few. We come to know he has MBA graduate sister named Jill Beasley.

Short bio on Morgan Beasley

Morgan Beasley is an educated person. He completed his degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho. After graduation, he learned to pack horse. He has worked in various fields like construction, cabinetry, fish processing, on trail crews and as a guide. He enjoys hunting, reading, rock climbing, spending time in the saddle, and a cold beer.

Morgan has gained huge popularity from the series “Mountain Men” which highlights journey to his 37 acre home from 250 miles away from the nearest settlement after spending ten years of nomad life.

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