Paul Laidlaw: Wife and Net Worth. 5 Facts about British Antique Auctioneer

Paul Laidlaw is a renowned British auctioneer and an antique expert. He is also a television presenter and has appeared in several television programs as an antique expert. Paul Laidlaw is best known for his role in BBC television Channel as an antique expert and also as an auctioneer across some programs. The talented auctioneer made a record in September in the history of the show by selling a vintage camera to a private collector by over 20000 pounds. Check out Paul Laidlaw Net Worth and meet his wife.

Paul Laidlaw Married?  Meet his Wife

Paul Laidlaw is a married man. He has been married for close to decades now. The talented auctioneer is married to his beautiful wife, Maureen Laidlaw. The two met some years back when they were both working on a project, and one thing led to another. The couple eventually works down the aisle in a private wedding ceremony that was attended by close friends and relatives. The couple has three children together, a daughter and twin sons.

Net Worth

Paul Laidlaw has made a huge net worth from his career. Having been an antique expert for many years, he has made something significant in his life. The all-time auctioneer has also featured in many television programs as both an antique expert and an auctioneer, and this has greatly boosted his net worth.

British-auctioneer-Paul-Laidlaw is married to a beautiful wife

British auctioneer Paul Laidlaw has three children with his wife, Maureen Laidlaw

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The net worth of Paul Laidlaw, in general, remains a mystery. He has kept it a private affair. However, the net worth of the television presenter has been approximated to be 3 million dollars. This is only an assumption, and his net worth may be well over this.

Education Background

Paul studied in the field of science in the university before changing the course. According to Paul, he was always fascinated by extensive knowledge in travel that forced him to change his class at the university. He, therefore, chooses to study in the area of antiques and hence he graduated as an antique expert from the university.

Paul Laidlaw is an expert graduate

Paul Laidlaw is fascinated by travel knowledge

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Paul is a great family man. He has been echoed as one of the greatest family men among the antique experts. He has mostly been noted saying that he loves spending considerable time with his wife and three kids whom he fancies them so much. An antique expert is also a kitchen man, and he enjoys cooking for his family in his free time.

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Wiki Bio, Age

Paul Laidlaw was born in Edinburg, England. Little information is known about the parents of the veteran auctioneer and an antique expert. The information concerning his year of birth and the exact date of birth remains unknown.  We have not also established whether he has any siblings or not. However, Paul grew up in Edinburg

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