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Rebecca Front could be described as the Jack of all trades. She is an actor, a writer, and a comedian. At her tender age, Rebecca has achieved so much for herself. She has won a couple of awards and gotten some of the most lucrative deals that a career woman of her age could dream of. She has played dramatic roles in some movies and series.

Her latest work was, she made an appearance in December last year in the All-Stars Musical show. She performed the song, Tell Me on a Sunday. The rest of this article will shed more light on who Rebecca Front is; details of her family relationships, net worth, age and any updates on her life.

Rebecca Front Married Life With Husband And Children

Rebecca Front got married to his current spouse, Phyl Climer, in the year 1998. Since then, the couple has been able to have to have two children. They are Tilly and Oliver Clymer. Rebecca Front says that her husband has always been very supported of her career endeavors. At some point, he even decided to quit a well-paying job just to become a writer.

Image of Rebecca Front with her husband Phil Clymer

Rebecca Front with her husband, Phil Clymer

She says that his soon is so cool and has a lot of comical tendencies. Rebecca taught her children the art of double taking when they were still very young. However, she tries to keep her children away from the attention that the public gives to her as an actor. She also tries to talk to them about some of the illusionary experiences in her movies, so that the children do not get so carried away and consequently end up getting mentally affected. Rebecca’s children are so interested in comedy. It would not come out as a surprise when they will all decide to join their mother at the stage.

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Image of Rebecca Front with her kids Tilly Clymer and Oliver Clymer

Actress, Rebecca Front with her kids: Tilly Clymer and Oliver Clymer

Rebecca Front Net Worth And Salary, The Supervet

Rebecca Front has a net worth of about $500,000 and her salary is yet to be revealed. Rebecca’s wealth is a product of years of acting, writing, and comedy. Some of her commonly known performances are The Thick of, On The Hour, The Day Today and Knowing Me. Rebecca’s career continued to soar during the 2000’s, where she did a wide range of comedy genres. She did stuff like Monkey Dust, Time Gentlemen Please, Nighty Night and the Big Train.

Image of Actor, Rebecca Front net worth is $500,000

Actress and The Supervet narrator, Rebecca Front net worth is $500,000

Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Rebecca Front was born on the 14th of May 1964. Rebecca is therefore 54 years old at the moment. She celebrates her birthday on the 14th of May every year. In spite of her visibly advanced age, Rebecca Front is still very young at heart.

Wiki, Biography, Early Life

Rebecca was born in Stoke Newington, London, England. She ended up spending her childhood there. She has a Jewish-Welsh origin. Not so much is known about Rebecca’s early life. However, the available internet sources reveal that Rebecca’s parents were Charles Front and Sheila Front. Rebecca has one sibling named Jeremy Front. The fact that Rebecca Front is a celebrity makes her reluctant to share the finer details of her family life with the members of the public.

What Is Rebecca Front Doing Now? Books And Career

Rebecca Front is a very committed career lady. She has acted in some movie series and written a couple of books. Rebecca openly confessed that she is a huge fan of Keeping Up with Kardashians. She said that she normally watches the program with her daughter. In as much as she sometimes feels so guilty about it, Rebecca says that she cannot help but enjoy the program. Rebecca has over the years done books such as Curious: True Stories and Loose Connections and Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Adventures in the Ordinary. She has managed to sell several copies of these publications all over the world.

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