Rhain Alisha: Wiki-Bio, Facts about Noah Brown’s Wife from Alaskan Bush People

Rhain Alisha joined the Browns who are a peculiar family that dwells in the wilderness of Alaska. It is austere because not many people can be able to survive in such an environment that has extreme temperatures. They drop up to -58 degrees Celsius at times, and it is unfathomable how this family makes it.

Rhain Alisha and the Browns

When Noah Brown’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, the whole Brown family accompanied their mother when she went for cancer treatment. That is where Rhain and Noah met and with time they became an item. Consequently, she started being assimilated into the Brown family, and she even casted together with them for some time. This was after returning to Alaska after Ami Brown’s treatment.

However, she was not well received by the reality show’s fans, likewise to the Brown family. Afterward, she went back to her hometown, and Noah’s love for her compelled him to follow her there. Consequently, Noah was alienated from his family, and the reality show’s fans greatly blamed and condemned Rhain. It was due to her negative influence on him that made him desert the reality show and his family, and he followed her.

Image of Noah Brown's wife, Rhain Alicia

Rhain Alicia Brown, wife of Noah Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Rhain and Billy Brown wrangles

The disunity between the Brown family and Rhain together with Noah is big. The duo did not invite the Brown family to their pre-wedding, unlike the norm. They also did their wedding secretly, and they had invited only 25 people to witness their union. The wedding was done in Idaho on August 15, and it must also have cost a simple budget. Rhain and Noah preferred to do that because his family is against them. There could have been problems in their presence. They date for two years before they decided to tie the knot and become an item. The two are now husband and wife. They have segregated themselves from Billy Brown’s family – that lives like animals in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Rhain and Noah Brown love

Ami Brown who is Billy Brown’s wife of many years was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she had to seek treatment in Beverly Hills. Noah also went along with the entire family, and that is where he first met Rhain and conned her.

Image of Rhain Alicia with her husband Noah Brown

Rhain Alicia married with her husband, Noah Brown

Consequently, she fell for him and they started a relationship. Despite the hatred that the Brown family has towards her, she was not shaken, and she did not feel cast away. She stuck to Noah, and he loved her too. When she could not take it anymore in their Alaskan home, she relocated back to Oregon and Noah also followed her there.

History repeating itself in Rhain and Noah’s lives

Just like how Billy Brown eloped with Ami to Alaska when she was just 15 years, it is as if history is repeating itself in Billy’s family. Rhain has also snatched his son away and took him beyond the world yonder. Furthermore, he has lost contact with his family and now he is alienated by Rhain. The love that these two lovebirds share is quite amazing. She will bring Noah Brown great relief because he was born and raised in the forest: in the absence of love. That is why when Rhain gave him a taste of her undiluted love, he could not help but love her with all his heart.

Rhain exposing Noah Brown to the outside world

Rhain is beautiful, and she was quite amazing even on the show because she is civilized. The Browns live naturally like animals in Alaska, and that is why she looked different from them. Together they will make a family, and she will also teach Noah about the digital life in the developed world. He will enjoy her company and the goodness of the civilized world. In his whole life, Noah has only lived in the cold wilderness of Alaska, and it must have been his wish to relocate from there.

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