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Robin vernon

Robin Vernon is a TV personality, producer, and businesswomen who hails from America. This 39 years old beauty gained huge fame through reality TV show “South Beach Classics”. Robin and her ex-husband Tod Vernon starred in the show where they purchase, sell, and exchange or trade classic vehicle model on the market.

The couple enjoyed the fame through the show and racked some impressive fans who became their customer too. The couple initially started a classic car dealer and workshop, “South Beach Classics”, in Florida, later it became a hit TV show.

In this wiki like bio, we will bring all the information like her birthdate, age, affairs, married life, divorce from husband Tod Vernon. This platinum blonde haired beauty constantly generates debate for her looks and complexion. Many wonders if she has achieved such beauty through plastic surgery. In this article, we will settle the debate once and for all.

Robin Vernon Age, early life

Robin Vernon was born as Robin Zeil in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 3rd of June 1978. As of now, she is 39 years of age. She was only 10 when her mother filed for divorce. Zeil was raised in Florida with her mother where she attended Boca Raton High. Growing up she was an introvert person who would play piano and spent the weekend working at a retirement home.

After graduation from BRH, she took classes to become a nurse or physician’s assistant. During the later part of teen years, her mother suffered from the terminal disease and she looked after her. In 2000, her mother died of illness.

How she met Ted Vernon?, Affair, marriage

Ted Vernon is an auto dealer, TV personality, producer, and a businessman. He was introduced to Robin by his insurance manager. The two initially had a phone conversation before Ted convinced her to meet at his house, a week later.

In summer of 1998 two had the first date night at Ted’s house. The first impression was not much: the house was a mess and she didn’t find Vernon particularly attractive. Later as the night passed on Ted win her heart with his bold personality and charm. Regardless of the age difference, Vernon was 20 and Ted was 48 at that time, the two hit it off.

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Robin opened about the first date by telling that Ted wanted to marry her since he first time. She told:“He was going to spend the rest of his life with me and marry me. He had that plan from the day he met me.”

Ted vernon wife robin vernon
Caption: Ted Vernon and Robin Zeil married in a Buddhist ceremony in 2000
Photo Source: Miaminewtimes

She moved in with Vernon after few months of dating. The pair lived together for two years before tying the knot with a wedding in 2000. They flew to Thailand and got married in a Buddhist ceremony. Ted was very pleased about the occasion and announced, which he took out an ad in the Herald that read:“Finally got her! The king has got his queen! I am proud to announce the greatest, most beautiful girl in the world is marrying me!”

Her married life with Ted Vernon and divorce

When a couple is married and lived together for about 15 years then the couple must have shared a blissful conjugal life to stay that long in a relationship. However, Ted and Robin’s Vernon 15 years of marriage doesn’t seem to be the case.

After marriage, the combined effort of the couple helped them establish as a power couple in the business world. They established South Beach Classics auto car dealer in 2005. The business became a massive hit in 2006. By 2011 they got their own show on Discovery’s Velocity network entitled to their firm “South Beach Classics”.  The pair married life is a success story in finance-wise. At the personal level, we can’t say same.

In the latter part of 2015, Robin along with son Ted Vernon Jr. moved out of the house due to domestic violence. She faced domestic abuse from her very first year of marriage. During the span of marriage, she had to go through domestic abuse after and after which she told miaminewtimes a newspaper based in Miami. One time she had a broken wrist from her husband.

But, the incident in October of 2015 was the final nail in the coffin. Miaminewtimes reported she had black eyes and bruises over face due to multiple fist attack from Ted. Since then the couple has separated and Robin even departed from the show.

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As for the divorce part, the pair has locked horn in a court battle for a long time now. It is difficult to say if divorced can be concluded anytime soon. For updated information keep checking us.


Ted and Robin have a son together. She gave birth to their only son Ted Vernon Jr on November 4, 2004.Ted was previously married to Austrian hairdresser named Monika Sula and has two children with her: a son Mark (born 1987) and Alexander Vernon(born1990). After divorce with Sula, Ted got the primary custody of children. When Robin first moved in with Ted she got quite along with Mark and Alex. She became a motherly figure to them.


Robin has been a constant debate among fans whether she has gone through surgery to attain a beautiful face. One of the main reason for that is few are familiar with her actual age. Also, she looks way younger in front of her ex-husband Ted Vernon, she is 39 which is 29 years less than Ted’s age.

If she has gone through any surgical procedure? Well, the answer is no which Robin stated the case. In one of her Facebook post, an internet user commented about her surgery and even had some harsh word to say about her.


“She’s a white trash over done plastic surgery BITCH!! COULDN’T STAND ROBIN on the show ….. “

She is not mostly who talks about her appearance but this time she didn’t hold back. Her reply clearly suggests she hasn’t gone through any surgery.

Kim Vernon Surgery


Name: Robin Zeil

Birthdate: June 3, 1978

Age: 39

Birth Place: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Resides: Miami, Florida

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Ex-husband: Ted Vernon (divorce yet to be finalized)

Children: Ted Vernon Jr

Profession: Producer, Actress

Facebook: Robin VernonRobin Vernon/South Beach Classics

Instagram: classic_car_girl

Robin Vernon Bio Timeline

June 3, 1978: Robin Zeil was born

1988: Met her ex-husband Ted Vernon

2000: Got married to Ted Vernon in a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand

November 4, 2004: Gave birth to Ted Vernon Jr

2005: Established Soth Beach Classics Auto dealer co-owned by Ted

2011: Her first Appearance in Discovery network reality TV show Soth Beach Classics

2015: Separated from husband

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