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Ryan Merriman Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Family, Bio

Ryan Merriam is an American actor who is known for his acting career and passion for movies from an early age. Ryan Merriman began his acting career at the age of ten, and until his current age of 36 years, he has made into several successful movies of which Halloween, The Ring Two, Final Destination 3 and the television series Pretty Little Liars are the exceptional ones.

We are about to shed more light into the life of the Halloween actor in the following sections. His achievements, famed movies along with the net worth of Ryan Merriam are explored. Meanwhile, his married life, past relationships, and the reason for divorce with his first wife are also mentioned. Stay tuned

Who is Ryan Merriman?

Ryan Merriam (Ryan Earl Merriman) made out into the world on 10th April 1983, as the son of Earl and Nonalyn Merriman. He also has a sister Monica.

Ryan made into the acting career at an early age and began his acts in commercials and theatres. The Mommies (1993-95) gave him his first major break, and the series paved him the way for his passion for acting to grow to the remarkable heights. In the course, The Pretender, Smart House, the Luck of the Irish, Lansky and The Deep End of the Ocean are the major television films he made into.

Image of Ryan Merriman from movie, The Ring Two
Ryan Merriman from the movie, The Ring Two

Taking in account of his movies, Halloween: Resurrection (2002), The Ring Two (2005) and Final Destination 3 (2006) are some of the horror movies which further concreted his acting career. The ABC Family’s television series, Pretty Little Liars from 2010 to 2014, portrayed him as Ian Thomas, which came in as a big hit.

Ryan Merriman Net Worth as of 2019 is 2 million dollars.

Ryan Merriman’s net worth is astounding with his extensive list of movies and appearances. He has been a blooming television and movie star so far and has given him an ample value of worthiness, which is expected to raise with his appearances in the future movies. As of 2019, the net worth of Ryan Merriman is estimating to a spilling 2 million USD.

Image of American actor, Ryan Merriman net worth is $2 million
American actor, Ryan Merriman net worth is $2 million

Who is Ryan Merriman married to? Meet His Wife and Children

Ryan Merriman married twice in his life until now. His first wife Micol Duncan had an unfortunate separation from him in 2011, after the couple had been together for a remarkable seven years.

Image of Ryan Merriman with his ex-wife Micol Duncan
Ryan Merriman with his ex-wife Micol Duncan

He later engaged to his now wife, Kristen McMullen in the first day of January 2012, and the lively couple exchanged vows for lifetime commitment on September 2014. Ryan is known to be a devoted husband, for the affliction to his married life and relationship controversies in his spotlighted life is scarce.

Image of Ryan Merriman with his wife Kristen McMullen
Ryan Merriman with his wife, Kristen McMullen

However, the Halloween actor is known to have dated the “Sky High” actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead prior to his marriage. But “The Ring” actor, made it finally with his “ring for life” given to the beautiful Kristen McMullen.

Who is Ryan Merriman’s wife, Micol Merriman?

Micol Merriman is the first wife of the actor Ryan Merriman and the couple married in 2004. Ryan Merriman’s wife, Micol was his college sweetheart, and Ryan attributed at times that she had a huge role in his career success.

"Image of Ryan Merriman's wife
Ryan Merriman’s first wife, Micol Merriman

The relationship, however, didn’t take the course aligned for both of them and a painful separation occurred in 2011. Beyond this fact, the early life of Micol Merriman and her family status remains unknown. The couple never gave a reasonable cause of the separation, but Ryan made a statement that they had arrived to point of life where the divorce was the only good course of both of them.

Guesses do exist for the growing career, and busy life of Ryan most plausibly holds the key to it.

Family and Siblings

Ryan Merriman’s family includes his parents Earl and Nonalyn Merriman. His sister Monica Merriman is his only known sibling. Although the family is seen to be the descendants of Oklahoma, validated information about the Merriam family, and the family life is still to be uncovered.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Ryan Merriam is a pretty handsome dude, with the right body for a career in show business. The black haired, elegant blue-eyed actor stands to a height of 6 feet (185 cm) and is quite proportionate to his body weight of 66 kgs. He has prominent cheekbones that wear a pretty sweet smile on his face.

Image of Ryan Merriman height is 6 feet
Ryan Merriman height is 6 feet

Quick facts on Ryan Merriman

Full name Ryan Earl Merriman
Age 36 years old
Birthdate April 10, 1983
Birth Place Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Spouse Micol Duncan (2004–2011)

Kristen McMullen (2014–present)

Net worth $2 million
Height 175 cm
Weight 66 kg
Marital Status Married
Children N/A
Zodiac N/A
Social Media Twitter



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