Sal Vulcano denied being a gay, Is the girlfriend on cards; Will we see him married anytime soon? Details on wife along with short bio.

We know Sal Vulcano along with his friends from TV program Impractical jokers, they are hilarious. It’s really funny seeing this stupid and funny group doing best what they do, making a mess of each other.  But when it comes to real life they are quite opposite in nature. And Sal Vulcano is no stranger to the fact as he is successful to keep aside his personal life away from all those stupid jokes and fun. So what is he up to in his real life,  does he have a girlfriend or he is already married to a beautiful wife, What about all the gay speculation? We will come up with details along with his staggering net worth.

Sal Vulcano married
Caption: James Murray who is a gay person married Sal’s sister Jenna Vulcano

 Sal Vulcano denies any truth being Gay

Well, fans were perplexed when Sal admitted being a gay person in front of a camera on a National TV show.  Later his friend Murray also admitted being a gay. But for Sal, he was never a gay person as he later denied the truth in his admittance. He further justified he only wanted to help his friend  Murray open about his sexuality.

Girlfriend, Married or Wife on cards

Sal is a quiet person regarding his personal life as he has successfully kept his relationship safely under a wrap. But, Sal has once mentioned about his wife in a twitter post but didn’t open who she is or if he was married to his girlfriend.  It didn’t take long for curious fans to wonder about his secret wife. Some even questioned about his sexuality. Sal twitted about his wife with most Sal Vulcano way.

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One of the twitter user couldn’t hide her anger as  she comented and raised question regarding  Sal’s sexuality.

“For men who think “A women’s place is in the kitchen” Obviously don’t know what to do with them in the bedroom!!! God bless.”

A few minutes later, Sal popped up with another tweet describing his wife as a bad cook but didn’t give any hint on who she is.

Besides, these tweets Sal has never talked about his wife or if he is married. As for the fact, there is no detail of Sal having a girlfriend or being in a relationship with an opposite sex partner. We know Sal is a funny man and he often comes jokes on social twitter. So, nothing is granted from a funny man. Publicly, Sal hasn’t come out as a married.

 A short bio on Sal Vulcano

Born on  November 5, 1976, in Staten Island, New York, Sal Vulcano is American standup comedian and producer. He is 40 years of age and has a height of 5 ft 8. He has a sister named Jenna Vulcano who has also appeared alongside her brother in TV show Impractical Jokers. As for his education, he graduated in finance from St. John’s University.

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Sal has done well with his profession as he has earned a generous amount of sum from involvement in TV shows, tours, and involvement through other revenue-generating activities. Sal’s most of the earning comes from Impractical Joker and stand up comedy which makes him a net worth of $400 thousand dollars.

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Updated: August 21, 2017

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