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Steven Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Dead or Alive?

Steve Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Dead Alive

Steven Ray Tickle is a TV personality best known for his appearance in Moonshiners and Tickle on the Discovery channel. Moonshine is television series of the docudrama genre narrated by Jeremy Schwartz that encompasses and dramatizes the life of people who produce ‘illegal moonshine’ in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina.

A man like Steven Ray Tickle is hard to put tabs on so find out about his net worth and salary. While you’re at it also get to know about his wife, married life and if he has any kids? Is the news of Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle death true?

Steven Ray Tickle From Moonshiners Married to wife? He has a daughter Daisy Tickle

Tickle has not disclosed any information about his family. There is no reliable source to ascertain whether he is a married man or not.

However much he hasn’t disclosed any information about his wife or dating life, Tickle has a daughter named Daisy Tickle who is currently 17 years of age.

Like we said, Tickle is a hard man to keep tabs on, and we have found no information about his wife or if he is even dating a probable future wife.

Steven Ray Tickle’s daughter Daisy has gone on record to mention that her father is a good dad. Nothing much is known about her mother.

Career as a TV personality and Carpenter

Tickle’s acting career began when he first appeared on the show Moonshiners in its 3rd season back in 2013. The show first premiered on December 6th, 2011 with seven seasons.

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The show was so successful that in May 2013, it produced a spin-off show titled Tickle that featured Steven. It premiered on August 13th the same year.

Steve Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth career wife relationship

Caption:- Steve Ray Tickle first appeared on the show Moonshiners in its 3rd season in 2013

Prior to his acting career as a moonshiner, Tickle was and still is a carpenter. He runs his own custom carpentry shop and is said to have lived in Washington for nearly two years while building the popular Clyde’s restaurant in downtown.

Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle Net worth & Salary.

Steven’s fortune mostly comes from his career as a TV personality, and you would be surprised to find out his actual net worth and salary.

A source confirms that he was indeed paid a salary of $1 million during his debut on Moonshiner’s 3rd season.  He also earns income from his other show Tickle with an annual salary of over $175,000.

Steve Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth

Caption:- Steve Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ has Net Worth around $1.5 Million.

His huge salary is not the only source of his net worth as he is also a successful carpenter and has generated some additional salary for working independently to build a popular local food joint called Clyde’s restaurant near the Verizon Center in downtown Washington which he built. Steven Ray Tickle Net Worth is currently $1.5 Million.

Steven Ray Tickles’ Death Rumors and accident.

The internet is a tool for getting first-hand information. However, much it contains a lot of facts about things and people, it also contains some rumors that are spread like wildfire even serious matters of life and death.

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The internet is very notorious for the false death reports of several famous people and  Tickle was also added to the list with some fake story about him ending up dead after an accident.

The information about Steven Ray Tickle being dead is just a mere rumor as he is alive and well. The rumor appears to be connected to some of his rather infamous actions.

In January 2015, he was sentenced to a three year suspended penitentiary for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. While the gun wasn’t used, being armed without permission is illegal in the Virginia law. Steven was also arrested back in 2013 for public intoxication.

Steven Ray Tickle has also has had his fair share of trouble with the law. In March 2013, he was arrested for intoxication. He was again arrested in 2015 and charged with the illegal possession of a firearm. He got handed a 3-year penitentiary suspension on February 1st, 2016 which he violated on probation. He got to spend five months in jail on this account.

Wiki-bio, age, family, bio

Steven Ray Tickle was born on November 30, 1976, to his mother, Lois Eileen Tickle. Very little is known about Ray Tickle’s early life, educational background and family. Unconfirmed sources indicate that his reasons for lashing out to substance abuse were due to his father’s illness.

Steve Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ age date of birth wiki bio

Caption:- Steve Ray Tickle from ‘Moonshiners’ current age is 42.,

In 2012, he joined politics by making clear his desire to run against Robert Hurt for Congress and the US presidency in 2013. He is currently 41 years and resides in rural Pittsylvania County in Virginia while working in Gretna town.

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