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Swamp People Bruce Mitchell Net Worth, Married, Wife, Children, Family Age, Wiki-Bio

Image of Swamp People Bruce Mitchell Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Bio

Bruce Mitchell was born on 13 July 1960, and he was brought up in Ponchatoula, Los Angeles, California, USA. He is the first born in his family, and his junior siblings comprise five brothers and sisters inclusive of him. He is known for being a man who is full of fun, and when they hold family gatherings, they always remember his old pranks. Bruce hails from a family that is closely knit together with love and affection, and they like to gather together as much as they can. However, his background is not known because he has concealed it.

If you look at his physical appearance, he looks older because of his shaggy and unkempt hair and beards, but he was born in 1960. His academic background and many other details about his life are still out of reach. Only his hunting career is known. Learn about Swamp People Bruce Mitchell‘s married life with wife, net worth, and family.

Who is Bruce Mitchell from Swamp People?

Bruce Mitchell is a renowned alligator hunter who has been in this activity for over 30 years. He has been hunting alone, and it is a quite dangerous task that deserves a valiant, careful, and skilled person. No layman can maneuver it because you will be dealing with dangerous reptiles that can tear you to pieces within minutes and eat you. The only companion that he has is Tyler, his dog, but sometimes he has been accompanied by other people in his three decades career.

Image of Swamp People Bruce Mitchell
Bruce Mitchell, Swamp People cast

He has shared some photos roasting the meat that he gets from the alligators after slaughtering them. Maybe they taste quite good: though they are not a popular dish among many people. Seafood is among the most nutritious diets: not to mention that they are very expensive.

Swamp People Bruce Mitchell Net Worth and Career

Bruce is the owner of the alligator farm, but due to the large amount of time that he spends in the reality show, alongside other family issues, he has left it to the Klieberts. He does not run the alligator farm now, but his skills are quite exceptional. He is the only one on that farm which can feed the alligators by hand. Perhaps it is because he moved to his wife’s family property that is why he does not have full authority there. However, that farm is fully operational, and it is apparent that he did a lot to improve it to reach where it is today. Formerly it had just been private property, but it was opened up for public tours in 1984.

Image of Bruce Mitchell net worth is not available
Bruce Mitchell net worth is not available

Bruce debuted his career when he was approached by A&E Network in his farm, and they requested him to cast in a documentary that was to air on the History Channel. Considering the fact that, the History Channel was their favorite station, he could not have turned that offer down. That is how he was connected to the Swamp People, and they became a team. He works for long hours, and at times he works for a whole 30 days. His day usually starts at 3 am when he rises and takes his oat breakfast, then he packs his water and heads to the waters. His net worth and salary are not known, but he makes some good cash.

Bruce Mitchell married life with wife, Family, Wiki-bio

Bruce is a family man, and he is married to Janet Kliebert. The duo met in their junior high school. They liked each other, and afterward, they fell in love. They maintained and nurtured their love until they climaxed, and decided to settle down as husband and wife. Finally, they settled down in 1980 after tying the knot. Bruce ventured into this field at an early age of 20, and he started working in Kliebert’s Alligator & Turtle Farm.

Image of Bruce Mitachell with his wife Janet Kliebert
Bruce Mitchell with his wife, Janet Kliebert

After getting married, he relocated to the farm’s premises. He learned all his skills from his father-in-law over a period of three decades. It is more of a family business, and they run it together with Janet’s father and her. Bruce is a father of two daughters called Lorraine Michelle, 1981, and Janice Marie, 1984. When he is offseason, he spends his time bonding with his family and hanging out with his friends. Moreover, he does his hobbies and also works in his house.

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