Thijs Lauer wiki and biography of youngest son of famous Journalist Matt Lauer

Thijs Lauer

When a child is born in a celebrity family he/she automatically gets the attention of media and fans. The child never asks for the fame or limelight, however, still becomes the subject of interest of many keen fans and followers earned by their parents.


In this article, we are talking about a celebrity child, Thijs Lauer who is the youngest son of highly known Journalist and host of NBC show Matt Lauer. Theijs is the youngest son among other two children of Matt Lauer and Annette Roque. Let’s continue about Thijs in this wiki like bio.

Youngest and loved one in the family

There is a belief that Youngest is the luckiest in the family, something like that happens in the life of this cute young boy as he gets a lot of love and care of his parents and from his siblings as well. Theijs Lauer was born on November 28, 2006,  in New York City. He has one elder brother named Jack Matthew Lauer and one sister named Romy Lauer.

Theijs is the cute smart kid growing as the most loveable child in his family. He is good at sports as well as studies which according to his parents. Every parent plans something good for their children, so are Matt and Annette doing for him through this little innocent boy is enjoying his childhood.

His Parents and brief history on Matt Lauer relationship

Theijs Lauer is born to father Matt Lauer and Mother  Annette Roque. Let’s find out the relationship between his parents beginning with  Matt Lauer first marriage.

Matt Lauer is a well-known personality because of his talent in the field of Journalism. He married a famous TV producer Nancy Alspaugh in the year 1981. After some beautiful years between the pair, marriage started to crumble down. The relationship ended with a divorce in 1998 and there is no child between them. We can say the marriage wasn’t fruitful and the pair grew part with the years.

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque
Caption: Theijs Lauer father Matt Lauer and Mother  Annette Roque
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As time force people to learn from the situation they have faced in past, Matt also learned many things from his previous marital relation. Movin on from relationship he fell in love with Annette Roque, a hot Duch model of her time.They started spending a lot of time together and finally, they came to conclude to turn their relationship
into something special and became soulmate since 1998. Soon they became the parents of three children.So Annette is the second wife of Matt.

Hard Times in Thijs Lauer parents marriage

Even moon has its dark side, marriage has too. Some cons that Matt understood after not being able to give enough time to his family. There came many ups and down in the relationship of Thijs Lauer parents, according to some media, Annette filed a case for Divorce saying his husband was too busy in his profession and was unable to give time to his parents. People often say relationships are harder to maintain but they can be maintained well if we gave them a chance.

People often say relationships are harder to maintain but they can be maintained well if we gave them a chance.
They didn’t end up rather they gave a chance to their relationship and became closer than ever. Eventually, Matt started giving more time to his family and they bonded even stronger than before.

Thijs Lauer Wiki, Bio

Name : Thijs Lauer

Birth : November 28, 2006

Parents :  Father Matt Lauer, Mother Annette Roque

Sibllings :  Jack Matthew Lauer, Romy Lauer

Nationality : American

Ethnicity : White

Profession : Student

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