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Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki, Bio

Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki, Bio

Tim Smith is well known for his role as a moonshiner in the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Moonshiners. The television series premiered in 2012 and had garnered a huge fan following. What you don’t know about him are his wiki and biofacts like his age and net worth. Find out that information here also get a look into his married life with wife.

 Tim Smith Moonshiner Net Worth, Salary

Smith is a third-generation moonshiner who went against all the odds to launch his very own brand of legal Climax Moonshine. After the successful launch of his brand in South Carolina and Georgia in the summer of 2013, he decided to add other states to the list of Climax Moonshine markets.

Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’ Net Worth
Caption:- Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’ Has Net Worth of $300 Thousand.

According to some credible sources, Tim Smith has amassed a net worth of around $300,000. A significant part of Moonshiners Cast Tim Smith net worth derives from his career as a television personality.

Other than being an actor, Tim is also a musician. His social status in the society together with his industrious character has helped him accumulate income of considerable worth. Tim’s work as a writer and director has also contributed to an increase in Tim Smith net worth.


Tim Smith started his acting career while in college. He was a member of a theater group in New York City in 1979. Later, Smith co-founded a theater crew, Actor’s Gang and began working with them.

His car took a turn for the better. He was able to undertake significant roles in various television series and movies. The movies include; Sure Thing which premiered in 1985 and Top Gun which premiered a year later.

Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’ carrer job he do source of income
Caption:- Tim Smith started his career in  ‘Moonshiners’ in 2012

With Tim taking up these roles, his career developed even further. He then starred in other movies before joining the cast of Moonshiners in 2012.

He learned how to manufacture moonshine through years of practice under the guidance provided by other moonshiners.

Smith’s objective of being a moonshiner is closely related to his desire to provide his clients with the legit experience of moonshine liquor while observing the state’s legal standards.

Tim Smith has set up multiple factories in the United States of America which manufacture his brand of moonshine, Climax Moonshine. The increased production of his moonshine brand attributes to the innovative techniques of production he implements. 

Tim Smith From “Moonshiners” Married to wife Shelby Smith. Meet their Kids.

Tim is married to Shelby Smith, his lovely wife of 32 years. The pair got pronounced as man and wife in 1986.

Shelby Smith works as a school nutritionist and is also an active member of her church where she is responsible for coordinating a children’s summer program.

In an interview, his wife Shelby remembers the words written in 1 John, ‘’Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.’’ She further adds that with God, all things are possible.

Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’wife Shelby
Cast:- Moonshiners cast Tim Smith with his wife, Shelby

Tim and Shelby have a son together, Jonathan Tucker, well known as JT. Like his father, JT Smith is a volunteer firefighter. He enjoys fishing, hunting as well as riding his four-wheeler in his spare time.

Tim Smith’s wife Shelby is also an active member of the community.

Wiki-bio, Age, Parents, Everything

Tim Smith, aged 59, was born on 16th October 1958 in West Covina, California. He is the son of Mary Robbins and Gil Robbins. Smith acquired his musical skills from his father Gil Robbins, a famous musician of the 1980’s.

On the other hand, Mary Robbins was an actress. According to his wiki-bio, he is a 3rd generation moonshiner. There are very few wikis, and bio pages about Tim or at least the Tim from ‘Moonshiners’ so be careful when looking for information from other places.

Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’age wiki bio relationship married life
Caption:- Tim Smith from ‘Moonshiners’ is currently 59 Years old.

Smith grew up with his two sisters, Gabrielle and Adelle, and his brother, David. All the members of his family have taken up roles as media personalities giving credence to their given title, a family of cinematographers.

Moonshiner’s Tim Smith and his siblings grew up in New York that helped to the pave the way for their career development. He currently resides in Southwestern Virginia.

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