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Tim Wonnacott Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Family, Cancer, Illness

Tim Wonnacott is a professional television personality and an antique expert. He was born on the 6th of May 1951 at Barnstaple in Devon, England. Tim has an elder sibling. However, nobody knows his real name. His parents were Raymond and Pamela. Tim’s nationality is British and is of white ethnicity.

Most ladies have come to describe Tim as handsome. He is five feet tall and has a body weight of about 78 kilograms. A while ago, Tim was the director of one of the most reputable auctioneer houses, Sotheby’s. He has a  very fit body figure as he works out a lot.

Learn more about Auctioneer Tim Wonnacott’s married life with wife, children, family, net worth, career, and wiki.

Tim Wonnacott Married To Wife And Children

Tim Wonnacott married his longtime girlfriend, Helen Wonnacott in 1984. Together, they were blessed with three children, Alice Wonnacott, Ben Wonnacott, and Fred Wonnacott. Therefore, the rumors which have occasionally been spread, painting Tim as gay, are untrue. Unfortunately, the public does not know so many details about Tim’s wife. All that can be said about her is the fact that she was born in 1956. She has a Polish background.

Image of Tim Wonnacott with his girlfriend Helen Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott with his girlfriend turned wife, Helen Wonnacott

It has been almost 35 years now, and the couples are still enjoying their married life. With their three children, every day is a perfect reason to be happy. From the grapevine, it is said that Tim Wonnacott met his wife in a show and fall in love with her. The fact that the two are still enjoying each other’s company could only mean that there is no possibility of divorce in the foreseeable future. From the previous experiences, it seems that this is one of the longest celebrity marriage life in the world’s history. Most of the other celebrities rarely survive even a single decade.

Tim Wonnacott Net Worth, Age, Career

It was back in 1979 when Tim Wonnacott began his career as a television expert. In that year, he started a television series, Antiques Roadshow. Due to his great auctioning skills, Tim had managed to assemble a strong team of fellow experts and was busy extracting value from in all the property around the United Kingdom. Due to the critical role he played in the Antiques Roadshow, Tim Wonnacott ended up growing his reputation to a very extent. With time, Tim left the show and decided to look for greener pastures. In 1997, he took part in television shows such as Great Antiques and the Light Lunch.

Interestingly, Tim has at some point in life also tried out his luck as a dancer. Sadly, he ended up getting eliminated at the group stage. Dancing has never been his thing. Once Tim had departed from the Bargain Hunt show, he decided to focus on the Antiques Road Trip series.

Image of Tim Wonnacott net worth is $2 million

Antiques Roadshow star Tim Wonnacott net worth is $2 million

Born in 1951, Tim Wonnacott is currently 67 years old. As of 2018, Tim Wonnacott’s net worth was $2 million. Tim has accumulated most of his wealth from television presentation and the auctioneering business. He also has a company, Tim & Associates, where they sell fine arts and advise the antiquity buyers and sellers on the various business issues. The total net worth of Tim Wonnacott is inclusive of the assets he has in television hosting and the antiques. In short, the net worth of Tim Wonnacott is due to the success he has earned in his career as a television presenter and an antique expert. Moreover, Tim is not a wasteful man.

Tim Wonnacott Illness, Cancer Updates

There have been rumors on Tim’s failing health. However, he looks healthy and emotionally very stable. Despite suffering from cancer, Tim has managed to keep the condition under perfect control.  Tim Wonnacott does plenty of exercises and also eats healthy. He will, therefore, most likely live long with the health condition.

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