Valeria Lanskaya is Married to Husband Stanislav Ivanov. Know her age, Net Worth in wiki bio.

Valeria Lanskaya is a prominent Russian actress and also a singer. She is a professional equally involved in cinema, theater, and show business. She is 31 years old, born January 2, 1987, in Moscow. Among many young Russian actresses, she shows a lot of promise. She already made a great career which she has started in 2005.

Who is Valeriya Lanskaya? Know  her career details

Valeria is originally from Moscow. She was raised by culturally educated parents who were artists. Valeria’s father was a choreographer and her mother was a professional figure skater. Valeria attended gymnastics lessons in her childhood and also did figure skating. From 1996 to 2002 she performed at the musical theater of young actor. Starting from 2010 she is again involved with the same theater.  

Valeria graduated from theater university of Shukin in 2006. Even before graduating from the university Valeria got the opportunity to become a regular actress in Arkadiy Raikin’s Satiricon Theater. She also performed in Vakhtang Theater and Rybnikov Theater. She was an actress in the Moon Theater from 2005 to 2012.     

Valeria began her film career in 2005. She played major roles in the films Circus Princess, The Life That Hasn’t Been and others. Valeria has a diverse talent. She played in theater, films, TV shows, and even musicals. Some of her musicals include Lips, Mary Poppins-Next, The Adventures of Oliver Twist, Monte Cristo, Zorro, Anna Karenina, etc.

Valeriya Lanskaya career begining wiki bio age

Caption:- Valeriya Lanskaya’s film career began in 2015

She became much more popular participating in the projects Ice Age: the Best and Ice Age 2. Her figure skating skills allowed her to gain a 3rd place. Valeria is a frequent host of different TV programs like The Voice: Children, Repeat!, and the Romantics of the Romance.    

A lot has been said about Valeria in show-business tabloids. Many critics criticize her for the lack of talent. That is, of course, not so. However, the critics and some people from the audience claim that Valeria’s respected parents allowed her to grow professionally. Yes, Valeria was influenced by her parents. But they got divorced when Valeria was only four years old. It is much more real that Valeria gained her fame with her efforts, dedication, and hard work.

Step by step and year by year Valeria moved from smaller achievement to bigger challenges. She started small, but her mentors in university quickly noticed her genuine abilities. She became an incredible actress because she has initially had a potential.

Valeria’s talents are diverse. She sings, dances, skates, and performs. Whatever she does, the audience loves her. It is not only about Valeria’s talent but about her appearance as well. Valeria’s looks are the product of intensive training. Valeria has always been taking good care of her physique. She leads a healthy lifestyle, frequently attends the gym, has a healthy diet, and avoids bad habits. For years Valeria struggled with extra weight that disallowed her to have the best appearance possible. Doctors were saying that Valeria had a hormonal dysfunction that affected her weight incredibly. Fortunately, it is in the past now.   

Valeria Lanskaya is married to a husband, Stanislav Ivanov

Valeria is married to a film-director Stanislav Ivanov. They got married in March, 1st, 2015 in Moscow. Valeria gave birth to a son named Artemiy on September, 3rd, 2015. She says she is happily married and is grateful for having such lovely family, the one she has always dreamt about.  

Valeriya Lanskaya husband Stas Ivanov

CAption:- Valeriya Lanskaya happily live with her husband Stas Ivanov and kid Artemiy.

Her Wiki-Bio, age.

Valeria has a lot of awards, dozens, to be precise. She is well-known in Russia. People love her because of her dedication to work and constant artistic progress. The diversity of Valeria’s talents, perhaps, makes her one of the most attractive Russian brides but, nevertheless, she is unavailable being happily married.   The Bold and beautiful Russian model Valeria Lanskaya is 31 years old as of today.

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