Chip hailstone in jail? What happened? Know about his Felony and why he is not in the show.

Edward chip hailstone is a reality television star renowned for starring in “Life Beyond zero,” a reality television show which details his and his family’s activities in the search for food to stay alive in the dissonant climate of the Alaskan wilderness.

If you’re a die-hard fan of ” Life Beyond Zero,” you’ve probably heard that Chip Hailstone went to jail and noticed his nonappearance on the show for a while now. Why did Chip Hailstone go to jail? For how long? And when will Chip Hailstone be back in Life Below Zero?

Chip Hailstone & Agnes Hailstone couple picture

Caption:- Chip Hailstone & wife Agnes Hailstone from Life Below Zero

Life Beyond zero Chip Hailstone Jail. Know all the Details.

Chip Hailstone was put behind bars for a 15 month period in the anchorage complex correction Complex as from July 2017 with charges of perjury and making false statements to the police in July 2011.

Chip Hailstone filled statements against a state trooper, claiming he had physically assaulted his then 17-year-old daughter by taking hold of her hand unpleasantly.

He also alleged that someone pointed a gun at his daughter Tingmaq after a confrontation involving his adopted son John and others and a family in Noorvik. He said all these instilled great doubts about his family’s safety and he had to inform the cops.

Chip Hailstone What happened to whim why is he on jail

Chip Hailstone filled a restraining order for his daughter against trooper Blitz, alleging that the officer had made sexual advances towards his daughter Tingmak during an interrogation while glaring at them unpleasantly.

However, Blitz’s colleague Trooper Young’s testimony turned out controversial to Hailstone’s statements about the sexual advances claim. Trooper Young said that Trooper Blitz only held Tingmak in an escort position and had apologized for it and Chip Hailstone was fully aware of the apology.

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Chip Hailstone lacked evidence to defend his statements, and he was inevitably charged with fraudulent statements against a state trooper amidst interventions and appeals by attorney Kerry who claimed that there was no evidence that the allegations were untrue. Chip Hailstone will be behind bars until October this year when he exhausts his 15-month jail sentence.

Chip Hailstone’s career in ‘Life Below Zero’

Chip Hailstone’s career in life beyond zero was fated to start a few years following his permanent unplanned stay in Alaska when he saw that there was a better chance of hunting there.

His stay led him to fall in love with Agnes, a native of the land and he decided to build his family with her. Chip Hailstone starred on the reality show ‘Life Beyond zero’ since it’s kick off on 19th May 2013.

The Career in life Below zero has brought Chip Hailstone and his wife a magnificent net worth estimated to be currently above 200,000 dollars.

net worth of chip and agnes hailstone

Caption:- Cast of Life below Zero Chip Hailstone & Agnes Hailstone have Net Worth of $200 Thousand

They together also make artifacts for sale from animal parts(teeth, bones, and skin). Regrettably, Chip Hailstone will not get to appear on the ongoing ninth season of the series. Thus the Hailstones have to hunt without him, and his fans have to bear his nonappearance on the show.

Now you know why Chip Hailstone was in jail and what happened to him.

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