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Ysabel Jordan: 7 Facts about The Daughter of Michael Jordan and wife Yvette Prieto.

Ysabel Jordan 7 Facts on Daughter of Michael Jordan

Some celebrities work hard for their fame and success while others do not, but some are subjected to immediate stardom with or without their wants and desire. Such is the life of people related to celebrities. Among them is Ysabel Jordan, a toddler already in the mindset of people and press for being a daughter of one of the most celebrated Basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan and his wife, Yvette Prieto. Today let us learn all there is to learn about Ysabel including her wiki-bio.

  1. Ysabel has an Identical Twin

The news of her birth is only 4 years old, so this must not come as a surprise to many. Ysabel is actually a twin to her sister Victoria. They were born together on the night of 11th February 2014.

The two sisters are not just twins but identical twins as well which makes them very similar to each other and hard to part from each other.

Picture of two Baby refers to Ysabel Victoria they are twince

Caption:- Ysabel Jordan have an identical twin sister, Her name is Victoria.

  1. Ysabel is Already 4 Years Old

Ysabel is already 4 years now. It was like she was just born yesterday, but no, she is already a toddler. She and her identical twin sister, Victoria was born on a Tuesday night in 11th of February, 2014. This means that she recently turned 4 this year.

  1. She has 3 Adult Siblings

Another thing about Ysabel is that her sister Victoria Jordan is not the only sibling she has. She also has 3 elder siblings too. They are actually her half-siblings’ brothers Jeffery Jordan and Marcus Jordan.

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She also has another elder sister Jasmine Mikael Jordan. The 3 are children of Michael Jordan from his previous marriage to former wife, Juanita Vanoy. The couple was married for 17 years from 1989 to 2002.

Ysabel Jordan , father Michael Jordan and his wife family

Caption:- Ysabel Jordan has 3 Adult Siblings


  1. Ysabel keeps out of the Limelight

Ysabel and even Victoria have been a big interest for a lot of press and publications. Being daughters of Michael Jordon must be a job in itself but still, Michael and his wife Yvette Prieto have done a wonderful job is securing a normal life for Ysabel and Victoria. They have never been aligned with the limelight and live a normal life happily.

  1. Ysabel is Part Cuban

It is just common sense that Yvette is part Cuban when it comes to her nationality and ethnicity. It is only plain genetics after her mother, Yvette Prieto, 39 is a model from Cuba.

  1. Ysabel’s Parents are Together for 10 years

Ysabel and Victoria Jordon maybe a product of only 7 months after their parent’s marriage but their parents have been together for more than 10 years. Michael Jordon, 55 met his current wife Yevette at a Miami nightclub in 2008, they got engaged in Christmas of 2011 and got married on 27th April 2013 in Bethesda-By-The-Sea Church in Jupiter, Florida.

Michael Jordan family with kids

Caption:- Ysabel and Victoria Jordon parents are together for past 10 years.

Source:- Dailymail

  1. Her Beautiful Name

If you think Ysabel is a unique name, then you should also know that it has a very beautiful meaning too.Ysabel which is similar to Isabel or Isabella means ‘Gift from God’ or also ‘God is Plenty’ in Spanish reference.

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