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Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Claudia Valdez Biography, Son Frankie, Net Worth, Married Life.

Image of Gabriel Iglesias's girlfriend Claudia Valdez biography, son Frankie, net worth, married life.

We all enjoy laughing don’t we? If so, you might be an American comedy fan too! Hence, you might be familiar with Gabriel Iglesias, a top American comedian. This article is all about the United States’ ace comedian Gabriel Iglesias’s girlfriend Claudia Valdez.

The top comedian Gabriel is also one of the most paid comedians in the US. This article will help you know about Claudia Valdez’s boyfriend, net worth, son, husband, wiki-bio and more

Who is Claudia Valdez?  

Claudia Valdez is an American actress and a movie producer who is well known for her appearance in the 2010’s horror sci-fic movie Monsters. She rose to fame after getting recognized as the ace comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias’s girlfriend. 

The actress and movie producer Claudia Valdez’z birthday is still unknown. What we do know is that she was born and raised somewhere in America. Till the date, she is successfully hiding information about her personal life including her family. 

Image of Claudia Valdez from the movie, Claudia Valdez
Claudia Valdez from the movie, Claudia Valdez

Since a very young age, she dreamt of being in Hollywood and so, she started working towards her dream on a very tender age. Therefore, she succeeded in finding short and supporting roles and got to know how this industry works.

This concludes the bio of Claudia Valdez, now let’s look into more aspects of her life.

How much does Claudia Valdez Earn? Aka, Her Net Worth.

From her acting career and her career as a movie producer, Valdez earns quite a lot sum of money. Gabriel’s girlfriend, Claudia Valdez net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Image of Actress, Claudia Valdez net worth is $1 million
Actress, Claudia Valdez net worth is $1 million

Similarly, Claudia Valdez’s boyfriend, Gabriel Iglesias has an astounding amount of net worth which is $40 million. The couple has been together since 2008 and is living happily since then.

Is Claudia Valdez Married or Dating? Who is her Partner? 

It is not clear that if Claudia Valdez is married and or has a husband or not. But it is for sure that Gabriel Iglesias and his girlfriend Claudia Valdez’s dating life is in a serious relationship and loves being with each other. 

Image of Claudia Valdez and her boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias
Claudia Valdez and her boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel and Claudia have a son Frankie who is the apple of their eye. Although Frankie is not Gabriel’s biological son, he loves his as if he is his own. The sad yet heartwarming story behind it is that Gabriel himself had to grow up without a father, so doesn’t want Frankie to grow up without a fatherly figure. The comedian has a heart of not only gold but a diamond. 

The dynamic couple has been together seen in 2008. Although any official letter has not been released the fans right away found out that the couples were dating when they both made an appearance in the Make a Wish event, Laugh Factory in 2008.

They are still yet to tie the knot together and have a wedding, but they already look and live like a happily married couple. The couple is enjoying each other’s love and affection as it is and is in no rush for marrying each other.

Claudia Valdez’s Son Frankie.

The suspense of who the real father of Claudia Valdez’s son Frankie is is not revealed. But Frankie is loved by his mother and stepfather Gabriel Iglesias more than anyone in the world. 

Image of Claudia Valdez boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias with her son Frankie
Claudia Valdez boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias with  son Frankie

Gabriel notified that he is not interested in having another and Frankie is all he ever wants as a child.  Frannkie celebrates his birthday every year on the 8th of December and was born in 1997. 

The last topic in this article is about Claudia’s boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias. Let’s take a quick look into it.

Who is Claudia Valdez’s Boyfriend, Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias is a well known American comedian who is famous in I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot and Fluffy. Therefore, he is also known as Fluffy. Gabriel is not only a comedian but he is an actor, comedian, and a producer too.

Image of American Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias
American Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel was born in San Diego, and among all the six siblings he is the youngest. The ace comedian is of Mexican heritage and was raised by a single mother. His girlfriend is Claudia Valdez who has a son named Frankie. The trio has been together since 2008.

Quick Facts about Claudia Valdez

Name Claudia Valdez
Age N/A
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress, Producer
Spouse No
Net Worth  $1 million
Height  Average
Weight Average
Marital Status Dating
Children 1
Social Network Instagram



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