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Glenn Villeneuve

The beauty of Alaska is too hard to resist. Many people previously living a comfortable life are seen enjoying the hard way of survival in Alaska. Well, the documentary ” Life Below Zero” star Glenn Villeneuve is one of those people. He is initially from Vermont which he left for Alaska. Though he loves and enjoys being around people, often spends months in mountains without a single human soul around. The only sigh of relief is he has now a partner to live along in the wilderness. Occasionally he brings his children to the high mountain.

This Alaskan person is an accomplished hunter. Most interesting fact about his life is he gets paid for surviving in the mountain. We will bring more information on Glenn like his wife, children, marriage, and net worth in a wiki-like-bio.

Glenn Villeneuve married, wife, divorce, family, and children

Having a family and living in Alaska is not about survival of a single person. After Glenn moved to Alaska he got married and has children with his now ex-wife. Initially, he lived alone in the wilderness before his wife and children joined him four months later.

Glen and his wife moved to towns during pregnancy in that way he would ensure the safety of mother and newborn. After the birth, the whole family got along in wilderness again.

He has a daughter Willow Leaves and a son Wolf Song Villeneuve from the marriage. However, after some years the marriage started to crumble down eventually pair getting a divorce.

There is no information on his ex-wife whether she found new love or even get married. As for Glenn, he spent in the wilderness for some years until he moved with a new love.He now lives with his partner Trisha Kazan and her daughter, Amelia Atkins in Fairbanks Alaska.

Glenn Villeneuve with his partner like wife and children
Caption: Glenn Celebrating Christmas with his partner Trisha Kazan and her daughter Amelia Atkins(R) and his children, Wolf Song(L) and Willow Leaves(M) 
Photo Source: Glenn Villeneuve facebook

Glen recently welcomed daughter Agatha with partner Trisha delivering her on June 22, 2017. Trisha Kazan announced the news via Facebook telling the wellness of her new baby girl and her other daughter Amelia all pumped up having a sister.

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Glen has himself shared a family picture showing he is settled with a new baby girl. Despite the size of cabin love is what makes a family happy and Villeneuve family knows how to work it out.

Glenn Villeneuve Lifestyle

He is a subsistence hunter who loves simple way of life in Nature. Life Below Zero captures his lifestyle while he survives bone-chilling winter in one room cabin and beautiful summer while solely depending on hunting for food.

His meat supply depends on his lucky day. He usually hunts moose, caribou, sheep, and small game. Being a skilled fisherman too, he catches fishes in lake and creeks. He uses axe to cut woods in the Alaskan bushes to keep him warm and cook food.

Living in the wilderness isn’t an easy job when your only friends are wild creatures who wouldn’t mind taking a flesh from your body. Glenn once survived a pack of 20 wolves. He has a challenging lifestyle which leaves him even months without seeing a single human soul. During a Q&A Glenn opened he once survived without seeing a single person for four and half months.

During an interview, when asked, “What made you stick onto this lifestyle?” he described being an independent person who loves to explore nature even though he has to work harder.

“I’ve always been independent, and I really like the autonomy of being able to live in the wilderness by myself. I enjoy learning, and I continue to learn and explore more and more each year. It’s exciting to learn new skills and practice them. I also think the connection to nature is more real — I’d rather wake up in the morning and look out and see an owl in a nest, than look at it on TV. It’s been really rewarding for me, even if there’s a lot of work involved.”

There is no doubt Glenn loves to live in Alaskan Wilderness but if we look at some of the pictures he shared on facebook we would also want to be there enjoying the nature.

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Alaska is really beautiful, isn’t it?

Glenn Villeneuve salary and net worth

He earns an impressive sum from documentary series “Life Below Zero”. He makes a yearly six-figure earning from the series which is also his main source of income. As for his other sources, Glen is involved in managing and investing in real estate for many years. He has invested significant money in the stock market too. Glenn hasn’t shared much about his net worth, however, he must have accumulated an impressive value through active involvement in TV series and other investments.

He is one of six original casts of documentary Emmy award-winning series Life Below Zero in which he features along Sue Aikens, Eric Salitan, Andy and Kate Bassich, Chip and Agnes Hailstone. Andy no more work as a cast in the show.

A Short Wiki like Bio

Glenn Villeneuve was born on August 18, 1969, which makes him 48 years of age. He is of white ethnicity. Glenn left Vermont for his dream place Brooks Range, Alaska in 1999. Initially, he couldn’t afford the lifestyle in the Brooks Range so he settled with a log cabin in Fairbanks. After four years he finally moved to Brooks Ranges in 2004. As for now, this nature loving person is well settled with a family in Alaska.

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