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Lenedra Jewel Carroll is an accomplished businesswoman, singer, artist, and author. She is the person of many faces which includes a compelling speaker, teacher, and performer. She is the co-founder of Higher Ground for Humanity foundation. 

Born and raised in Alaska, Lenedra is the mother of three children Jewel Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher and Shane Kilcher. Also, she is the ex-wife of a social worker, musician, and a TV personality Atz Kilcher. Check out more information on Lenedra like her age, net worth, married life, career and facts in this wiki like bio.

Early Life, How Old is she now?

Lenedra was born to Jasper Jewel Carroll and Arva Carroll in 1950 in a village in Alaska. It makes her 67 years of age now. She was raised along with her three siblings as Mormons. Her parents settled in the interior of Alaska in the Thirties and then moved to an island called Wrangell. Later they moved to Seward, Alaska. When Lenedra was in her teen years her parents eventually moved to Homer, Alaska.

While growing up with her siblings, Lenedra was surrounded by a vast, unspoiled wilderness of Alaska that served as her primary teacher. The natural setting of the place helped her connect to the rhythms and cycles of nature. No wonder she has presented her learning and wisdom through the book “The Architecture of All Abundance” published in 2001.

Married Life with Atz Kilcher and divorce

Lenedra Carroll met Atz Kilcher after she moved to Homer with her parents. She got married to Atz Kilcher and gave birth to Shane Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher, and Jewel Kilcher. The two shared a prosperous married life. Though it is not revealed when the two align their heart, it is believed they got married in late 60’s.

Lenedra Carroll and her daughter Jewel Kilcher
Caption: Lenedra Carroll and Jewel Kilcher

They were an exemplary couple and led a blissful married life. The couple passed along ups and down and hurdles in their marriage. Atz and Lenedra lost a child less than a year due to sudden death (crib death). After the tragedy, they got along like a normal married couple. Lenedra herself faced near death situation during the birth of Jewel Kilcher. When she was in labor, mother and daughter almost died after a nurse put an oxygen mask on her but forgot to turn on the air. It was Atz who noticed she wasn’t breathing only then doctor turned on the Oxygen.

Atz kilcher
Caption: Lenedra Carrol ex-husband Atz Kilcher 

Besides their personal life, they involved together in music with releasing two albums. However, they got divorced for some undisclosed reason in 1982. Atz got the custody of all three children. After the divorce Atz ended up being an alcoholic and was abusive to his three children.

Later Atz got married to Bonnie Dupree. As for Lenedra, it is not known if she found someone or got married. All we know is, she had a flourishing career ahead.

Her Children

Shane Kilcher was born May 6, 1971, when Lenedra and Atz were in Idaho. Shane Kilcher is her eldest son who is a social worker and a reality TV star. Three years later, Jewel Kilcher was born on May 23, 1974. Jewel is an international pop singer who has sold over 30 M albums worldwide. Her youngest son Atz Lee Kilcher( born  26, 1977) is reality TV star who is the cast of discovery TV show ” Alaska The Last Frontier“.

Her Career

Lenedra has 15 years experience in the music business, which included the development and management of the career of her daughter, multi-platinum recording artist Jewel.

If we talk about her singing career, she made two albums with her ex-husband while they were married. She has released few albums herself too. In 2007 she collaborated with Ralf Illenberger and published album “Beyond Words”. In 2009 she released a solo album “Daybreak Song” which included three songs.

Lenedra spent most of her adult life as a performer. She performed at the Vatican for Pope John Paul, at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway, and Christmas in Rockefeller Center. She also has performed with her daughter during several concerts.

Also, she has appeared in several television shows which include Oprah Winfrey, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Regis & Kathy Lee, CBS This Morning, The View and Lifetime Applause. She has also been featured in USA Weekend, the Reader’s Digest, Us, People Magazine and other printed press.

Lenedra involved herself in diverse fields of profession. In 2001 she published “The Architecture of All Abundance” spiritual memoir tracing the path of Lenedra Carroll. The same year she was handed NAPRA’s  Nautilus award for excellence for her book.

During her flourishing career, she co-founded humanitarian foundation, Higher Ground for Humanity with her daughter Jewel Kilcher. The foundation promotes global community and individual action to inspire positive change. In 1998, the foundation ran a Clearwater Project which is now active in 18 countries around the world including Tibet, Honduras, Mexico, India, the United States, and Africa.

Net Worth

Lenedra has an estimated net worth of $13M. The sum is accumulated from her venture in business and past works.


Name: Nedra Jewel Carrol (Popular as Lenedra J, Carroll)

Birthdate: 1950

Age: 67

Birth Place: Alaska

Nationality: American

Parents: Jasper Jewel Carroll and Arva Carroll

Sibling: Three

Ex-Husband: Atz Kilcher

Children: Jewel Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher, and Shane Kilcher

Husband/Partner: N/A

Profession: Businesswoman, Singer, Artist, and Author

Net Worth: $13 M

Facebook: Lenedra Carroll

Twitter: @24KLight

Website: lenedracarroll.com

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