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Meet Marcia Harvey; Steve Harvey’s Forgotten Wife. Any Children Between The Pair?

Marcia Harvey Children

Marcia Harvey seems a forgotten name in the life of Steve Harvey. We are well familiar with TV hotshot Steve Harvey who is a famous American TV show host, anchor, producer and an actor. But people know little about his first wife Marcia Harvey. The pair were married a long time ago and their unfruitful relation ended with a divorce. Get more information on Steve Harvey’s first wife Marcia Harvey and her children.

Marcia Harvey

Caption: Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Marcia Harvey

A sheer determination that took Marcia Harvey’s marriage

The relationship between Marcia and Steve goes from love affair to marriage.There is no information on how the pair met or when they met. The relationship was blessed into marriage as the pair tied the knot in 1990. The married life was further blessed when they welcomed twin girls Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey after two years of marriage. Later, in 1991 Marcia gave birth to son  Broderick Harvey Jr which made the family of five.

Marcia Harvey children and ex-husband

Caption: Broderick(L),Brandi (M), Steve(R)

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Marcia and Steve shared a wonderful relationship that many would envy. But, in any relationship, there are times when an individual has to compromise in order to sustain the relationship. Marcia and Steve had to go through similar phases. The person Steve Harvey, what we know now, a rich and famous person had a different story back then. Steve is not a born celebrity or rich from birth, he was a normal person who has to earn in order to look for wife and kids. He used to work as an insurance salesman at that time.

Marcia Harvey Children

The married life of the pair was blessed but that all came to end when Steve was more determinant about his career and ambition. Steve wanted to focus his life as a comedian as he quit his salesman job which didn’t go well with his then wife Marcia. While talking to Steve told he opted for his career than his family as he recalls his past;

“I’m married, I have twins. I’m supposed to provide for them, but I had to take this chance.” 

Eventually, Marcia and Steve got divorced in 1994. After the divorce with Marcia Steve has another failed marriage with Mary Lee Harvey. As for now he is living happily married life with Marjorie Bridges Wood. 

 Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey’s  children: Broderick, Brandi, and Karli Harvey

Marcia Harvey and Steve Harve has got three wonderful children between them. Broderick Harvey Jr is 26 years of age now and his twin sisters Karli and Brandi Harvey are 36. Despite the divorce with his ex-wife Marcia, Steve shares a close relationship with his three children from her.

Daughter Brandi Harvey is an executive director of Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation which aims for ensuring the needs of the child are met through the development of programs and support of community-based organizations. Daughter Brandi is the eldest of the child among three.

Karli Harvey is a married woman.She tied the knot with Benjamin Raymond with a wonderful wedding ceremony in 2015. Karley Harvey wedding was attended by friends and family. Most especially her both of parents Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey were there in her special moment.

Karli and Raymond are blessed person as they welcomed son Benjamin Troy Raymond II in 2016. So, Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey has got a grandson.


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Marcia Harvey Net Worth

Marcia Harvey is mostly famous for her relationship with ex-husband Steve Harve. She hasn’t been vocal about anything regarding her personal life. So, there is no information on her net worth. As for he ex-husband Steve Harvey, he earns an immense sum of money which is $40M per year. As of 2017, he has a net worth of $140 M.


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