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Danny Dotson is a distinguished and a renowned American auctioneer as well as a reality TV personality. He is one of the Storage Wars show cast, and he started auctioneering back in 1974. Also, he also owns and runs a comprehensive auction company. He is especially well recognized for being featured on the A&E’s series dubbed the Storage Wars. He does not do auctioneering as an amateur. Instead, he does it professionally, and he has acquired fine skills in this trade in the years that has actively been involved in it.

Learn about Dan Dotson’s married life with wife, Laura Dotson, children, and family. Also don’t miss Dan Dotson’s career, net worth, age, and wiki-bio.

Storage Wars Dan Dotson Wiki bio

This is what Dan Dotson bio encompasses. Dan Dotson, Storage Wars star was born on November 23, 1962, in California, USA. He is of white ethnicity, and he has American nationality. He does not have a deep academic background and history, because he dropped out of school to pursue the passion of his heart. After escaping school, he immediately joined Chino Auction in California, and he started selling furniture.

Dan Dotson is a chip off the old block, and he took his cue from his grandfather was experienced in this trade. Sam Fancher who is Dan’s grandpa was a farm and cattle auctioneer, and he taught him auctioneering at the age of 11. Without much ado, Dan kickoff in the trade at a very young age of 13 years, and he never minded about schooling.

Dan Dotson married to Wife, Laura Dotson, and Children

Dan Dotson wife is called Laura Dotson, and they are quite an item. They have stuck together like glue because they rhyme very well. The couple appears together in the A&E’s reality TV show dubbed Storage Wars, and they are the main auctioneers. Dan is very happy and grateful because of his wife: they support each other and share a lot in common.

Image of Dan Dotson with his wife Laura Dotson

Dan Dotson with his wife, Laura Dotson

The duo met in 1996 in Riverside, and they fell in love. Later their love blossomed and flourished until they got married on August 26, 2000, and settled down. They have not had any unusual wrangles in their marriage that could lead to separation or divorce. To top it all, Dan and his wife have never been gossiped about – being involved in adultery or any other form of immorality.

Dan and Laura are satisfied with each other, and they sired Dan Dotson children. They have two daughters and one son, but only scanty information is known about them because the couple just provides scanty information about its personal life. The names of their children cannot be made up because they have been kept out of the public limelight. Dan is a good husband and a father, and the joy plus romance that they share shows positive signs of their healthy relationship.

Dan Dotson Net Worth, Age, Salary

Ever since when Dan’s grandpa equipped him with auctioneering skills, he has never looked back. He stuck to this trade and pursued it with a passion. In fact, unlike his age mates, Dan felt that taking his time to acquire education would spend a lot of time and cash for him. Therefore, he decided to start auctioneering right from childhood, and he has never been disappointed. Consequently, Dan Dotson net worth is approximated to be $4.5 million – which he has accrued both from auctioneering, not to mention his TV career.

Image of Dan Dotson net worth is $4.5 million

Dan Dotson net worth is $4.5 million

Dan Dotson age is 55 years, but his salary cannot be made up. Before he debuted his TV career, Dan had spent many years auctioneering, and consequently made a considerable amount of money. He has been auctioneering for the last 42 years. Therefore, you can say that he has mastered almost all tricks and formulas of auctioneering. His auctioneering prowess has not only made him famous but also made him be recognized.

Consequently, he has been featured in many shows that have garnered him fame and recognition in the viewership of the show. Dan’s skills are quite exceptional, and they are a real force to reckon with – which has changed the face of Storage Wars.

Dan Dotson dead? What happened to Dan Dotson on Storage Wars?

Celebrities are prone to false allegations that are created and purported by bloggers. Dan Dotson is not immune to this, because there are rumors that were being spread about his death. He is not dead, but there is a time that he became seriously ill. He was diagnosed with a double aneurysm in 2014, and afterward, he was operated to clear it. Dan started asking a strange question when he woke up in the morning, and afterward he collapsed.

Since 2010, her career shot up acutely, and he reached his climax in Storage Wars. He was promoted to become the show’s chief advisor, not to mention the co-creator. Any information about Dan Dotson fired is false.

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