Jenna Vulcano dating a boyfriend! Isn’t afraid to flaunt relationship with her sweetheart.

Jenna Vulcano and her boyfriend

Jenna Vulcano name made quite the buzz when she appeared in comedy TV series Impractical Jokers. She was mostly seen doing an awkward situation like strip high five with Joe sister, kissing Quin and standing with naked Quin. These rare and silly appearances made her somewhat fan favorite. Her most noteworthy and memorable appearance was getting married to James Murray. The marriage was a punishment to her brother Sal Vulcano based on the series.

However, many wonders if she is dating someone in real life too.In this article, we will unveil all the information on Jenna Vulcano personal life details from dating to having a boyfriend.

Jenna Vulcano dating a handsome boyfriend

Jenna Vulcano herself is beautiful and it wouldn’t be a surprise her counterpart is equal in measures. She is New York native and her sweetheart is also from the same place. Well, Jenna Vulcano is dating a handsome man who goes by name Famus Shamus on Facebook. There is not much information about him. According to his Facebook profile, he is Automotive Service Advisor at Island Auto Group and has specialized in the car from brands like Toyota, Subaru, Mazda.

The pair has been dating for some years though when they exactly lined up their heart is not known. The pair shares an impressive relationship and they are evident flaunting their relationship in facebook and other social media.

Jenna Vulcano herself doesn’t leave any chance of sharing some snaps from her side.

My Boogie Bear 😍❤️

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That awkward moment when your boyfriend and husband are in the same photo 😳😂😂

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We can see the couple is very close and they have been enjoying an impressive relationship for some years. The pair hasn’t shared if they have gone past love affair and got married. Some details suggest they might have secretly married but nothing for granted.

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