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Marty Meierotto

Marty Meierotto is a very admired and loved cast of reality TV series “Mountain Men“. Marty is a professional trapper and a life saver. He may trap and hunt a game to survive in bone-chilling winter of Alaska but he is a different person when it is a human life. He usually finds himself helping other from getting frosted by the cold. His summers are as busy working as smoke Jumper for Alaskan Fire service. Marty has earned himself a life savior status in the series.

In this wiki like bio, we will bring all the information on Marty from his personal life details like his age, family, children to his camera life like his lifestyle and facts starting with his net worth.

Marty Meierotto Net Worth

Fur business runs in Meierotto family. He was only eight when his father took him for fur trapping. Marty was earning handsome salary even before he became a reality TV star. Marty lay trap relying on a remote cabin situated 200 miles from civilization and there is no guarantee of safety of hunter himself from predators.

His lifestyle landed a big role in reality TV series “Mountain Men”. He casts along naturalist and mountain men like Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, and Morgan Beasley. He featured since the pilot and able to establish as one of fan favorites from the show. Earning from the series has helped him further enhance his net worth.Marty has an estimated net worth over $250,000.

Net Worth: $250,000

Marty Meierotto age, wife, daughter, family

Marty may love to spend days alone trapping far away from his home Two Rivers, Alaska, he has a small and beautiful family waiting for his return.Meierotto is in his late fifties despite the age he is going strong with the profession he loves. He is married to Dominique Meierotto for a long time. Two loving couple are even blessed with a daughter named Noah.

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Marty Meierotto family
Caption: Marty Meierotto with his family, wife Dominique, and daughter Noah 
Photo Source: Mountain men facebook

Marty has been living the life of trapper from very young days. Despite his love for nature and hunting, he is a family first guy. Hs wife Dominique is very supportive and encourage him to live the life he loves to fullest.

Fur Trapping more than money for Marty Meierotto

Marty Meierotto earned himself a name as top trapper even before he was globally known as Mountain Men from the show. He wrote an article named “Because It’s Worth it” which appeared in the August 2010 issue of Trapper & Predator.

Every year he produces a significant volume of fur and sells it. However, the production is very different with seasons. Some years he has to buckle up early only to restart whole trapping thing again. He also has to move to a new location with time. He recalls the hard work and extremities, fur trapper goes through and describes it has more significance than financial gain.

“If we were honest with ourselves, even in years when the price is good, if we divided the fur check by the many hours we spent scouting, setting, checking, skinning and just the general preparation that is involved in the trapline, let alone the expenses, our wages would dwindle to insignificance. So, in truth, who among us traps solely for financial gain?”

He may not get the price for the work he put on to secure the fur but the sweet memory to cherish are worth it.

“At times, I find myself frustrated and mutter those very words — “This just isn’t worth it!” But then I sit down and reflect and question my true motives and ponder the worth of it all. I think back on all the cherished experiences I have had over the past 40 years.”

Thanks to History Channel we are able to look closer at the inspiring lifestyle of Meierotto though he initially wanted to turn down to take any part in the series. He revealed during a phone interview:

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“I wasn’t interested in any goofy reality show, so I didn’t want to get involved in anything like that.I don’t watch TV, but I’ve heard enough and seen enough snippets of those reality shows.”

Short Wiki like Bio

Marty Meierotto was born in Wisconsin, United States of America. He is a professional trapper and a reality TV personality. He and his family live in Two Rivers, Alaska. During trapping season he moves to a cabin which is 200 miles away from any nearest human home. Marty hasn’t revealed anything about his parents and siblings. Even his birthdate is a mystery. As for his age, he must be in the late fifties. He is a modern-day trapper and he is also the member of Alaska trapper association. Marty shares an impressive relationship with his wife Dominique and daughter Noah whom he loves very much.

Besides from hunting for a living, Marty is a big-hearted man. He works for Alaskan Fire service during summer. He once saved a person who came to Alaska to research on his lifestyle. Marty gained huge fame since he first featured in the History Channel TV series “Mountain Men”.

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