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Eivin Kilcher

Eivin Kilcher is the eldest son of Otto Kilcher. Like most of Kilcher family, he is one of the main cast of reality  TV series “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. If we have to define him in a few words he is the owner of some invaluable skills like hunting, fishing, farming, and building cabin in the woods. One of his main specialty is gatherings things. His father Otto had him homeschooled very well as we can see the trait of fixing machinery descended upon him. For formal education, he went to Homer High School and graduated there in 2001.

Eivin lives a hybrid lifestyle in Homer of an Alaska. He uses technology such as electricity and heating system while he continues the traditional way of living by hunting, fishing, growing foods and gathering things. Eivin and his wife co-star in the reality TV series “Alaska The Last Frontier” and earn an impressive sum for their part. We will bring you more information on Eivin Kilcher like his age, wife, children, family, net worth beginning with the facts.

Eivin Kilcher Facts

Name: Eivin KilcherDate of Birth: March 06, 1983

Age: 34

Birth Place: Homer, Alaska, United States

Nationality: American

Parents: Otto Kilcher and Sharon Mckemie

Spouse: Eve Kilcher

Siblings: Torrey(half), August Kilcher(half), and Levi Kilcher

Children: Findlay Farenorth Kilcher (born on November 24, 2013) and Sparrow Rose Kilcher (Born on September 28, 2015)

Education: Homer High School (Graduated 2001)

Net Worth: $2M

Eivin Kilcher Net Worth

Eivin and his wife Eve Kilcher has an estimated net worth over $2M. There’s not much he can earn in Alaska. Thanks, to an impressive deal with discovery channels which lands him yearly earning containing six figure. His family property is responsible for a large chunk of his net worth.

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Kilcher family owns 613 Acres of land in the greater Homer area. According to local records, they can lay claim to a further 207 acres in and around the city. The total value of the family’s real estate holdings is approximate $3.6M in which homestead accounts just over $800,000.

Alaska The Last Frontier has been a constant success story. It has racked up some high ratings since it first aired in Dec of 2011. With the ever-increasing popularity of series, it wouldn’t be a surprise seeing Eivin Kilcher net worth grow soon.

Eivin love affair and married life with Eve Kilcher and children between them

He is blissfully married to childhood friend Eve Kilcher. The two grew up on a farm not far from Kilcher Homestead. Also, they went to high school together. After falling in love the two got married with a wedding ceremony in August of 2011.

The couple of six years shares an impressive married life and are blessed with two children a son Findlay Farenorth Kilcher, and a daughter, Sparrow Rose Kilcher. They have a similar interest in cooking and recipe which is clear from the book “Homestead Kitchen” they wrote. The book describes different ways of living a healthy lifestyle using recipes found around Alaska Homestead.

The couple and their children live in a cabin half a mile from Otto’s homestead. Eivin focuses on fishing, hunting and gathering things while Eve ripe the vegetables for the family.

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Eivin Kilcher family and siblings

Eivin Kilcher is born to Otto Kilcher and his second wife Sharon Mackie. He has one sibling Levi Kilcher and two half-siblings Torrey and August Kilcher. Evin uncle Atz Kilcher is a very good farmer and a singer. Atz has four children, Nikos Kilcher, Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher, and Atz Lee Kilcher. This Kilcher family is of Swedish descent with Eivin’s grandfather, Yule Kilcher, and grandmother Ruth Weber came from Switzerland to Homer, Alaska during the second world war and owned acres of land in Homer.

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More information on Eivin Kilcher including a short wiki and his age

Eivin was born on March 6, 1983, in Alaska. According to birth date, he is 34 years of age. Eivin along with his wife and children lives in Cabin half a mile away from his parents. He has developed and extended cabin, lands and resources around him which were initially given by his father. Like Otto, he is the jack of all trade and lives a hybrid lifestyle. Unlike his cousin Atz Lee, he isn’t solely dependent on hunting and fishing for food as he is a good at farming and gathering things. His wife is green thump around the family who ripe vegetables in a limited time of four months for remaining eight months of the season.

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